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elfDM: hey guys
elfDM: sorru im late
elfDM: is everynoe here?
Vermain: hello
Vermain: im here
Alex: yeah
Imre: ya
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brennon: i need like, five minutes tops
elfDM: np
  17: Mass Charm : Standard, Area burst 1 within 10 squares, Target: Each enemy in the burst  
  (1) Drrukh    Rolled 34    —    0 damage. CRIT: 0 damage.  
Effect: You slide each target up to 5 squares. Each target then makes a melee basic attack against a creature of your choice as a free action.
Pierrot: Durrkh.
Istahar: nice crit
  17: Mass Charm : Standard, Area burst 1 within 10 squares, Target: Each enemy in the burst  
Effect: You slide each target up to 5 squares. Each target then makes a melee basic attack against a creature of your choice as a free action.
Alex: i can't decide whether to leave it doing phantom attack rolls so it spits out a list of targets or to make it not do that and just use the field/my word
Istahar: you should do whichever option makes you more powerful
  17: Mass Charm : Standard, Area burst 1 within 10 squares, Target: Each enemy in the burst  
  (1) Drrukh    Rolled 28    —    0 damage.  
Effect: You slide each target up to 5 squares. Each target then makes a melee basic attack against a creature of your choice as a free action.
Alex: well, i now have thunderwave. harkening after ole malich
Istahar: i replaced radiant armor
brennon: okay
Alex: also my mentor and personal idol, pikachu
Thyrn: i'm here
Alex: (also known as pierrot)
Istahar: now watch as happyelf creates a monster that deals like 100 damage on a normal hit
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Alex: i have another goofy power i could take at some point for that, Mirror Sphere
elfDM: ok, all set?
Alex: i'm leaving what i've got for now though
Alex: i am
elfDM: introing
Imre: are we doing a combat today?
elfDM: not all of you, no. . heh, heh
Thyrn: Fufufu
Alex: alex stumbles into a gladiatorial arena, net in one hand and trident in another. thyrn, who pushed him in, is whispering loudly now out of the door to Go Get 'Em
The weather changes quickly in this part of the world
While the mountains and canyons hold back the rain and heat to a point, the huge deltas beyond, and the ocean gales beyond them, conspire to force heat and humidity into the alpine regions of Serkanarr in a chaotic clash of the elements.
Far below, the giant rivers that surround the Great Cataract roar with the snowmelt and sediment pulled from these high locales. Avalanches and slides are commonplace in all but the most stable of regions.
Storms roll up against the mountains, thunder and lightning acring across the blue ice of the glacier that begins nowhere, and ends in seasonal collapses into the chasms below.
Snowstorms, rain storms, heat waves, cold snaps, you name it, Taroryc has seen it.
The old timers know that it's all down to one thing. The wind. The wind goes one way, it's hotter. The other, it's colder. Push it south, it wet. IT turns north, it dry.
When the wind changes, the whole world changes with it.
Drrukh: "I did not expect this. How did they even contact him?"
Thyrn: "I had thought he was in the dwarven lands..."
Yarlip Galetrapper: "It's easy enough to speak to the wind. They have storm sorcerers amongst them, and for all his dishonors, there are few more respected than Huran. . or few as close to Thyrn."
Grysc: "e was. . but that was. . some time ago."
Imre: "He must have left for these lands mere days after we went beneath the earth."
Yarlip Galetrapper: "He can travel fast. With the wind at his back? Assuming there wasn't some portal, or something involved?"
Alex: "Getting to Serrknar from Academy lands isn't so hard, nowadays. But what's he going to do?"
Grysc: "Hmm. . we left when that emergency occured- our mission was the send word. He could have left soon after us."
Yrasa Hearthslayer: "He will say the same thing the human did! That the mighty Thryn is Slipping."
Thyrn: "Either way, this concerns me greatly. Surely Hurarn can recognize the nature of this."
Giorgi Sundaren: "That's all they shall need. Cast some, how you say, seeds of doubt? I don't know the gnoll words for this."
Albrecht Dhaine: Hurarn is a creature of great honor. He will not lie."
Alex: "The thing is, Thyrn would have to slip far indeed to even wind up within shouting distance of Hurarn. The lack of perspective all this is founded on is absurd."
Pierrot: "Thyrn is fine, though. Is he losing control faster than, say, the inexorable march of time is killing his body? No, he is not."
Bodgan Grad: "That's not the point. This is about doubt. And. . I mean, it's the abyss. Some of Alex's own students aruge that any step back. . is the beginning of the end."
Thyrn: "I feel fine, and Pierrot is right. I feel more likely to die of old age than of losing my mind." 'Dying of old age' is somewhat of a joke in casual Gnoll conversation, but Thyrn tries to sound as serious as possible.
Giorgi Sundaren: "They are playing on ignorance. See what happens if you try to be rational with them." He snorts. "The Gnolls and their pragmatism. They are reactionaries, we have seen this many time in our own march to Better Thinking. There is only one way to deal with them. The Bull, the Master of Storms, knows of what I speak. They were at Kol."
Drrukh: "A battle with such a large tribe would be a disaster. And may well give them what they want!"
Thyrn: "There will be no fighting, that is not a solution at this time."
Thyrn: "It would be better to lose their support than engage in a civil war at this time- not that those are the only options we have."
Bodgan Grad: "This is about sewing doubts. You don't have to be going mad to give these people pause. All Hurarn has to admit is that this raises doubts. This is about giving the locals the excuse that they want. Discredit the Sera. .. the Khyrr. . by striking at their champion."
Pierrot: Pierrot nods, though. It would be pretty straightforward to just, like, challenge them to a duel. Maybe not pragmatic, though.
Alex: "Hurarn IS a pragmatist. I doubt he's coming all the way over here just to stir the pot further. He's surely got something sensible to say."
Bodgan Grad: "He'll be very sensible."
Imre whispers: whre's "kol"
Albrecht Dhaine: "But he won't conceal the truth. And you have slipped."
You whisper to fritz: The fortress in stormpoint that you and will helped edward firebomb from eagle back, and then some armored eladrin turned up and pierrot and devar did, too
Thyrn: "Then what do we say? What do we try to get him to admit to?"
You whisper to fritz: it was part of the second coup where edward purged resistant elements. Clearly this stormpointer is a hardliner, which makes sense for somebody in a position of authorirty out here. edward would not trust a less. . stalwart representitive
Imre whispers: gotcha
Alex: "The truth is that Thyrn remains a paragon in the War and that Hurarn doesn't want Serrkanar embroiled in some nonsense schism any more than we do. If he doesn't think he can advance our position by coming here, I don't know him as well as I thought I did."
Alex: "I mean, what, is he going to give a single sad nod and then jump off over the horizon again? He can stand with us regardless."
Albrecht Dhaine: "Honor is not a convenience. He would no doubt give his life in your defence, but to break his word? He will not do that."
Grysc: "Hurarn is. . stubborn like that. . but we would not have been able to work with the Dwarves. .. .had it been otherwise."
Thyrn: "Then we find a way to make what he says work for us, yes? The Humans are very adept at that in the east."
Alex: "No, but having confirmed what everyone already knows, he can exhort the Taroryc to get their god damn act together. I mean, honestly."
Thyrn: "He is one of them, they would give his word far more weight than mine."
Thyrn: "I imagine I am not the most admired person in this part of Serrkanar currently."
Giorgi Sundaren: "I don't know if you've noticed, Hyra, in fact i'm sure you have- but this kind of mischief has caused no end of disaster and dismay for our kind. It is not an easy path to tread, and if you play this game, you either end up as a half mad baelmari Duke. . or you accept the Logic of Steel."
Alex: "Anyway, when's he due?"
Yarlip Galetrapper: "Nor is hurarn, Thyrn. Sorcerers still struggle for acceptance. And he was disgraced!"
Bodgan Grad: "He is your ally. That is why he is such a good weapon. That evne he, would have doubts about you?"
Drrukh: "He's probably already here. Or soon to arrive. We shall head into the undercommons, and prepare the way. Join us once you are ready."
Pierrot: "If Hurarn has 'doubts' about Thyrn I'll set him straight pretty quickly."
Alex: Alex looks to Thyrn and the others. "All right, so, seriously, does protocol just allow you to challenge each of these people to a duel or anything?"
You whisper to brennon: A duel one on one might be an option, but it depends on how things pan out. . and wether the challenge is made.
You whisper to brennon: and by whom
elfDM: .....
elfDM: ?
Thyrn: "Maybe.. a ban against fighting to the death was enacted before I was born, but.." Thyrn rubs the back of his neck.
Thyrn: "Well, it is like the man begging on the street near the palace in Baelamar, yes? You said it was disallowed in that location but still done, for it was effective regardless."
Istahar: "You could fight to submission, then?" It's not a very helpful suggestion, admittedly.
Alex: "Or, I don't know, some sort of ultimate test of mettle or self control. Obviously basic logic isn't working here, we need to make such a big splash that rumors sound cheap and petty."
Imre: "What is to happen anyway, Thryn, in these matters?"
Thyrn: "There is a certain tradition to it as well. It may not be appropriate for anyone here, least of all myself."
Alex: "I mean... is there some equivalent? If there's a champion warrior who's suddenly rumored to have lost their edge, or something."
Thyrn: "Nothing, most likely. They can not arrest me or strip me of my rank without substantial incident of some kind to justify it. It will further their agenda of weakening the Khyrr and Therhonen's authority, however."
elfDM: The garrison sera will hear the matter out, and make a ruling. You've met him, and it's obvious he can't afford to shut this down. So likely, he'll allow Hurarn to testify, and then it's down to wether anyone Challenges the testmony, which can be a matter of argument, or become more intense.
elfDM: Indeed, the outcome even if your foes win may be. . . . ambiguous. But with a war for survival approaching, in the time between now and then, that could develop into a full blown sectarian conflict
Pierrot: "You could just get it together before Hurarn gets here."
Thyrn: "I just hope nothing arises to give them cause to do anything beyond making a spectacle of myself, yes?"
Thyrn: "What do you mean?"
Alex: "Oh, yeah. Can you, just... meditate, or something?"
elfDM: You mean, descend into the blood, and wage war on the ruler of ruin once more? yeah, sure, you could do that.
Thyrn: Thyrn tilts his head. "I.. do not know."
elfDM: you could, also, try and hide your blood from hurarn. it would be harder than folling dhaine would have been, and the two are likely to compare notes at some point
Thyrn: "I can certainly try to focus, but we are so far from the Abyss now.. I do not think I could do what I did in the city of brass."
Alex: "I mean, I remember how it's done. Technically, technically, we could dive and, you know, the whole bit. Kind of silly given we've just gotten back here, but."
elfDM: you'd likely need as much help as you could muster, which means. . . a team of Five.
Thyrn: "This does not seem like the best time to attempt to finish Yeenoghu once and for all."
Alex: is there time for us to talk to hurarn before he makes his formal judgment?
elfDM: you can talk to him before hand, yes
elfDM: that may not help and again. . he is a Gnoll of Honor
Alex: i mean, i doubt we cn get him to lie on our behalf, but we can see what he thinks about taroryc politicsand if he'll help us manage this regardless
Thyrn: thyrn wouldn't ask him to lie, of course, but rather consider the many ways in which to express his judgment considering serrkanar as it is known could depend in part on this,
elfDM: do you guys wanna ponder more, or head into the city?
Alex: what else can we do there besides see hurarn. my answer's probably yes regardless
elfDM: be less cold?
Istahar: i'm going to follow everyone's lead here
Thyrn: might be best just to see how things shake down
Alex: "Let's head in. We should probably talk to Hurarn before doing anything hasty."
Thyrn: "Agreed. I know he will hear me out here."
By the time the Gnolls reached Taroryc, they had abandoned any plans for building shining cities and new utopias. They came for Ore, and for a place to get out of the weather.
Over generations, a city has been built into the canyons and caves of the vallayes. Into it, under it, occasionally above it. Most of the business of Taroryc is done below ground, even if it's only a few feet of soil and stone keeping things warm.
The largest caverns were considered a wonder, before tales came to them of the Dwarvern Halls, which streched for fathoms, and shone like gems.
There is much Taroryc has lost in it's meetings with the world.
Even though in truth, it is much as it has been for centuries, and resists the change that comes to it.
Alex: ooh neat
Thyrn: Wow coll cave;
elfDM: The undercommons are alive with gnolls trading, talking, and watching the politics of the hour. The climate is warm, almost too warm for the outsiders- despite their fur, despite years of accelerated adaptation to the cold, the gnolls still prefer a warmer climate.
Alex: stagra baneclaw spotted.
elfDM: The walls are sandstone, the ground earthern. Higher platforms ring the cavern floor, the only means of access the well-gouged climbing paths up the porous rock.
Thyrn: "Not quite Therhonen, I know, but our people are proud of our homes wherever they may be. Please keep that in mind."
elfDM: Trade, freight, and more passes through here. Most of all, from east to west- to the east is one of the underground rivers that roll beneath the ever thawing glaciers, traveling as far as the tributories of the rivers that pass through therhonen.
elfDM: And the the west, a far newer development. A dwarvernmade rail line that links this cave, to the others beyond.
Istahar: "Anything is preferable to the darkness of before, I can assure you."
Alex: "I like it. It's cool." Alex, of course, remains suffused in a field of finely tooled, climate-controlled comfort and cares little for the roughness of the floors or the seepage of cold in through cracks in the walls.
elfDM: Fires and lanterns light the cave to varying degrees, the smoke rising to drift along the roof in a waze that makes it look almost like a clouded sky.
elfDM: feel free to wander wherever you wish, and investigate things as ye see fit, of course
Pierrot: "How many gnolls live here, roughly, Thyrn?"
elfDM: approximatly $Tarorycpopulation gnolls dwelll here
Thyrn: damn man, i never know what's an appropriate population. how big is baelamar
elfDM: me neiter?!!?
elfDM: how woudl i know, i never pinned anything down for sure, and now that we're in sight of the endgame, well,
Istahar: how about like, say, 20,000
Istahar: gnolls breed quickly,
Pierrot: well like, i dunno man! are there huge underground msuhroom fields? wheres all the food come from. who cooks for the gnolls
Alex: there's one, single bathroom in taroryc, and it's riiiiiiight......... here.
elfDM: the newer lands are n't that big but i think this place woud bulk around 12,000, with a fair bit more in transitory population (but not as much as therhonen on either count)
Thyrn: 20,000 is probably a bit light, most all the gnolls live in the large city areas. the countrysides are not hugely populated except for some tribes and military outposts.. then again IDK
Thyrn: therhonen itself is huge though
Alex: Anyway, Alex gives the place a once-over and then drifts off as he recognizes the jagged-edged, alternatingly-capitalized scrollwork of a nimbus he's seen before.
elfDM: the main thing about Taroryc is that the Gnaskran tribes actually maintain their own holdings due to the climate. They live in semi permanent forts of ice and permafrost in the colder regions, and then migrate down when the big thaws occurs, following the floods. Unlike other gnoll cities, this is't the only settlement in the area, which is also why the tribes are a bit more formidable
Stagra Baneclaw: "Master Clayton!" Stagra is all toothy grins and eldritch gestures, as usual.
Alex: "Stagra! How's it been?" Alex's returning gesture involves one hand drawn down his breastbone with fingers crooked in various directions meaningless to the uninitiated. Secretly, they're mostly also meaningless to the initiated.
Thyrn: "In Taroryc itself or the surrounding area? Well, the answer does not change much in either instance- since the last counting it was a measure over two full armies in strength. Two Ten Thousand and Three Thousands together." A bit of Gnoll itstelf pokes through the Thyrn's common- it's the first time he's has to speak of a number this large. "I understand this may not be large to you."
elfDM: As for feeding, the locals basically hunt for most of their food, and trade for a little with the lowlanders. The clash of climates make for a surprizingly large amount of megafauna, because these lands aren't actually alpine a lot of the time- big booms in the poulation of prey animals allow for hunting, and of course result in clashes with other predators in the region, and the meat is preserved upmountain above the thaw line year-round
Pierrot: "Large enough for a thriving cultural scene. Who's the best musician in Taroryc?"
Stagra Baneclaw: "It's been going great! We're allowed to show off a lot more now. I even have an apprentice. . . assuming she didn't die in that quest I sent them on to Balkoroth."
Alex: "What's there to quest for in Balkoroth? We locked that place down."
Thyrn: "Pierrot, I am a soldier. Taroryc has never felt hugely at ease with officers from Therhonen, and I have not bee here much. The locals would most likely know about that more than I."
Stagra Baneclaw: "Locked it down, yeah, but didn't clean it out! The place is a rat's nest in old lore and forgotten places. We're working on a theory about those big stone boats. We think there may have been another-"
Yrasa Hearthslayer: "This is hardly the time. We must see to the matters at hand!"
Thyrn: "If you want troop counts, logistical details, fighting styles, I know all of that. I know the best damn place to get spices in Therhonen as well, but here.. I do not know. I have to watch my step as it is."
Alex: "Woah, hold on, none of you three look like Hurarn from where I'm standing. What about the boats?"
Imre: "What boats are these?"
Stagra Baneclaw: "Well, we hear rumors, and some of the Armorers think that the Sera triad may be hiding something. But there are also rumors of other keys, for the boats? Hidden in Balkoroth. Hidden by some potentate, who may have had a matching set. . ."
Istahar: Istahar is mostly taking in the hustle-and-bustle. This is a completely new - and exceedingly bizarre - place that she's walked into. "Those may still be of importance. Still, we should settle this matter quickly. You mentioned earlier the threat of invasion. I doubt they shall keep themselves sated in waiting for you."
Thyrn: "That does make me think, however.. perhaps I have been too aloof to the Sergan and Taroryc." Thyrn shakes his head. "That is a thought for later."
elfDM: imre can go chat wiht alex if he likes
elfDM: but if u don't move, i can't tell who is where
Alex: Alex looks over. "The docks of Balkoroth are these huge protrusions of indestructible stone. Turns out they're hollow."
Imre: "Not everything that is hollow is a boat, nor are all boats hollow."
Alex: i forget, were we straight unable to get into any of them? i know we explored the one ishelem came out of, i guess the others were impregnable?
Bully Calodoccer: whoops wrong token
elfDM: imre probably would have hard about this from serge, and indeed, alex. Balkoroth, the goblin city, has three mighty black stone docks. Only they're not docks, they're ancient Flind warships, one of which when opened, revealed a rather notable prisoner- ishelem
elfDM: the otehrs were unbreachable, or rather, brekaing them would have blown up a fair chunk of the city, and whatever was inside
Alex: "Yeah, but these things also had prows if you traced their connection to the actual shoreline, and something like a cargo hold... there would be another, wouldn't there? I remember that one diagram."
Thyrn: "I can not quite give you a proper welcome this time, but still-" Thyrn nods his head, walking towards one of the fires. "Keep an eye out for Hurarn. I should speak with the Sera here before anything goes too far."
Alex: they were warded against just plain teleporting in or phasing through i assume
Thyrn: "And think of something smart to say, I could use the help."
Pierrot: yellow horse had the amulet to open the one, right?
Stagra Baneclaw: "Exactly! We just have to find it. . we figure it may be a leader. . or a scout! So anyway I sent my apprentice off with a bunch of plucky friends, I think they mentioned something about some human baron Bear-Ruff?"
elfDM: yeah exactly riidi. hence the keys stagra is on about
elfDM: i lost thyrn
elfDM: oh there he is
Alex: Alex doesn't look like he can place the name. "Well, definitely send word if you actually find the keys. By my count there aren't any of the four brothers left that should go popping up out of those things, but who knows what else is in there."
Stagra Baneclaw: "Who knows indeed! Their last missive was that this human set them a quest, an in return, promised to help them with their quest! Seems somewhat inefficient, but i'm not one to judge."
Thyrn: Thyrn warms his hands over the fire for a moment before giving a short salute to Drrukh. "Is the Sera busy?"
Drrukh: "Thyrn, there you are. Hurarn is arriving now. That's his ship!"
Alex: "It's an ancient custom. What do you make of this mess we're in right now?"
Thyrn: "What? Oh-" Thyrn gives a long, one armed wave towards the arrive shiping. "Hurarn!"
Hurarn Thunderfell: Pierrot strides around a massive mound and sees the mighty gnoll leap from the deck of a small barge.
Stagra Baneclaw: "Heh, it's clever! They give us credibility, and then use it as a weapon against us! We should probably just blast them all."
Istahar: The Fallen One keeps her distance from most of the proceedings. She's barely fit in back in Heaven; here, it's even worse. Everyone has a lot more fur, for one.
Alex: "Right? This kind of nonsense wouldn't last one day at the Pentacle, and yet..."
Hurarn Thunderfell: The towering gnoll strides over to the Hyra, an iron staff balanced across his shoulders. "Thyrn."
Pierrot: "Hurarn," nods Pierrot.
Thyrn: Thyrn manages a smile- it's not really the best time, but. "I have not seen you in awhile now, Hurarn. How goes things?"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Master of storms." He bows, to the point where his eyes are almost level with the Eladrin's.
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Things went well in the dwarflands. We trained a brigade of dwarvern clerics to see to the Wyrmtounge. They struggle well, and manoy of them have returned to some semblance of life."
Hurarn Thunderfell: He glances back at the barge, and then returns his gaze to Thyrn. "I have been charting the coastline. Stuligir spoke to me on th wind a few weeks ago, expressing his. . .concern. Is it true?"
Thyrn: "I was more referring to how you have been doing, Hurarn. I know your endeavours would succeed-" The flattery sounds remarkably hollow the moment Hurarn asks. "Well, I... Listen:"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "I am listening. And I am not yet Looking. Out of courtesy. For now."
Thyrn: "I do not feel less in control- I feel more in tune with myself than ever. The Paladin seemed to think that the Abyss was flowing stronger through my veins, and I have no doubt you will find the same."
Hurarn Thunderfell: Eyes narrow. Ears twitch. "What happened?"
Alex: Alex looks away from Stagra a moment. "Ooh, man, there he is. I'll talk to you in a bit-" and Alex crosses the hall, stepping up near Thyrn and Pierrot.
Thyrn: Thyrn leans in close, lowering his voice. "There is more at stake than that here. This is a push to discredit myself and Therhonen by extension- the Taroryc have grown angry at the dwarven and human goods flooding our lands, and a lack of attention from the central authority."
Thyrn: "Just.. I will tell you, for the sake of trust. But you must keep that in mind, whatever you choose to say."
Stagra Baneclaw: Stagra smiles at the Shedu. "So. .has yarlip asked you for an introduction to the Big Waterfall, yet?"
Thyrn: "After we thwarted the Titans, we were cast into the elemental chaos riding on the heels of a demonic prince. We defeated him and made our way to the city of brass, where they requested that we aid them with the demonic hordes at their gates."
Bully Calodoccer: "Not yet, nor did I know he wished one."
Thyrn: "The others sowed chaos amongst the troops of the fallen lord of fire- the specifics of which I am not quite sure, but it was very successful. I focused my efforts on.. Yeenoghu's forces, those of the Flesh as we have discovered."
Hurarn Thunderfell: He listens, quietly.
Yarlip Galetrapper: "I was trying to be. . .well, I mean the tales spoke of you as a creature of flesh and blood. .. not a spirit. Your kind have long beeen hostile to us."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Go on."
Bully Calodoccer: "Which one of us do you speak of, Yarlip?"
Thyrn: "I... do not know how I made my way there, I sat in a dark room in the city of brass for.. hours it seemed, before the Abyss lurched into place. I had to convince them I belonged there, had to show them I was correct in saying they should not seek to consume or absorb the servants of the lord of fire."
Pierrot: wait
Pierrot: did hurarn mean the wyrmtongue or the runetongue
elfDM: oh sorry
elfDM: runetounge
Yarlip Galetrapper: "I.. . .there's only one of you!"
Bully Calodoccer: "Indeed."
Stagra Baneclaw: "Is there? Look again. He's clearly haunted! Or . . . something."
Hurarn Thunderfell: He is quiet for a long moment more. His voice is low when he speaks, almost inaudbly so. "I choose a path of honor and integrty, and as a result, I have no choice but to speak the truth. I can smell politics better than most gnolls, lessons learned hard from my mentor. You know the last time I worked treachery and mischief, and how much it almost cost us both. But we cannot hide from this, and in truth. . ."
Thyrn: "I did what I had to, Hurarn. You know I would never place anything above my service to our people."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "I do not know if what you did was wise. The Abyss . . .cannot be reasoned with. I follow your path, because you vowed that you were it's enemy. That you sought means to fight it, not. . channel it. Surely you see the folly in that? Did you not instruct young Alex Clayton to that effect? Both of you?"
Thyrn: "I.. how do I say this.." Thyrn pauses for a moment. "I seized something down there. I put my jaws on it and strangled the last bit of resistance out of it. There was no reasoning to it- things may not be as they appear."
Thyrn: "This was a fight."
Alex: "Thyrn did fight it. If the flesh horde hadn't been turned in on itself like that, it'd be carving a path through the Foundry even now."
Stagra Baneclaw: "Anyway. Yarlip here has been tryng to find the spirits for years. He evne chased around that rain sprit your friends traveled with. But onyl one gnoll has ever been allowed to speak to them- well two of you count hurarn, and he does more of a passive aggressive, 'please, friend elenental tell your spirit friend this' kind of thing-"
Yarlip Galetrapper: "I simply seek to learn. I know that the blood of the demons keeps the spirit kind from our gaze. But perhaps a bridge can be built?"
Bully Calodoccer: "Would you truly know the reason why, Yarlip?"
Thyrn: "Please, Hurarn. I know this may be below how I am supposed to behave, but be careful how you speak your.. what is the word.. Testimony, right?"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "And could you not, conjure a demon, Wizard? Control it? Make it battle another of it's kind? Why not do this, as well?"
Yarlip Galetrapper: "Well. . I assumed. . it was the blood. . are you saying there is more to it?"
Stagra Baneclaw: "Never assume anything about outlanders, everygnoll knows that!"
Bully Calodoccer: "I ask if you dare to look."
Alex: "I don't do it generally because of the risks and environmental damage, Hurarn. The abyssal no-man's-land at the heart of the Foundry is another story. Should I condemn innocents to die for the sake of my beautiful soul?"
Yarlip Galetrapper: "I have danced on the tops of mountains. Ridden behemoths, and dueled with goblin-gods. I dare to see what would be shown to me."
Alex: "This is beside the point either way - whatever you think about the truth, the truth remains what you have to say. The question is, once you've delivered your proclamation - then what?"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "And yet, Thyrn and Pierrot counseled you, with good cause, to cease such machinations. Where is the line?"
Thyrn: "I do not think this is a productive argument you two."
Bully Calodoccer whispers: im typing a hting
Hurarn Thunderfell: "I cannot mince words on such matters. I shall of course speak of context, but in truth. . .I do not know if this is anything but a loss for you. Wars beyond our worlds? Cities made of fire? I cannot see that. I can only see what stands before me. And. . . " His mighty shoulders droop. "I am dissapointed, Thyrn. I'm sorry, but it's true."
You whisper to fritz: np, take your time, we won't move on ot other things until you're ready/done with this bit for now. also yu could totally visit the cataract while you're here
Thyrn: Thyrn feels like a stone was just dropped through his chest. "Hurarn.. at least think of our cities, the wars that come here. Speak as you wish about me, but do not help them tie it to Therhonen and the Khyrr."
Alex: "I did cease them," Alex says, nodding slightly and spreading his arms. "Our work in the gates of the City of Brass was a collaborative effort whose risk we all agreed were worth the cost - and I, at least, took utmost care. But, like I said, once you deliver the news - then what? Can you help us hold Serrkanar together? You know that Thyrn's still a champion against the Blood. Wounds heal."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "When we war with the Abyss, there is more than one way to lose, Thyrn."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "And I must be honest about that, as well."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Please excuse me. I must speak to the Sera before the public hearing."
Thyrn: Thyrn nods. "Go then, speak to him."
Thyrn: "But do not ignore my words, Hurarn."
Alex: "Bloody hell."
Alex: "You know why Hurarn's not on your level? Too clean. He hasn't really waded into the thick of it like you did."
Thyrn: Thyrn rubs his hands down his face, sighing. "How did it come to be this way? This is not the Serrkanar I wished to come back to."
You whisper to Riidi: doesn't the master of storms have anything to say about any of dis
Thyrn: "He accepted my strength, but I still do not know if he truly accepted my reason."
Istahar: She walks up next to them, shaking her head. "You are too different. I know the feeling well."
Alex: "I'm not sure if we can get out of this without doing something drastic..."
Bully Calodoccer whispers: stagra is female right?
Istahar: "You do not believe they can be swayed by word alone?"
Pierrot whispers: im not 100% on exactly what hurarn's grappling with here. like, there's more than one way to lose ......... which would be relevant if thyrn were losing, instead of making tradeoffs?
Alex: "Hurarn's probably farther from the average gnoll than Thyrn is, except in qualitative terms. He's a devotee of the storm - I guess the plan's to wash the blood clean, or shock the taint out, or something."
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Thyrn: "Let me be very clear, whatever happens I do not want anything drastic from you. The moment something goes wrong and it involves the "outlanders" I let "tag along" with me, there could be more than Taroryc to worry about."
You whisper to fritz: stagra is male, yrasa is female
Alex: "Not to them. I mean... correcting the problem directly. Diving down. Dunno if there's time, of course, and it's not like it hasn't been more dangerous each time."
Thyrn: "Then again, I do not know what could happen. We will see."
elfDM: To clarify, huran has accepted thyrn's path of inner conflict with the blood. he uses the storm to gird him in this conflict. the point of contention is that thyrn didn't just defeat the blood last time he fought it- he turned it to his own ends
Thyrn: "Had we known in advance, perhaps. We do not have the time now, and I doubt they would allow me to leave before this is through."
You whisper to Riidi: Huran is esetially a harliner, BUT he's making the same argument you, thyrn, and dorvan did to alex. You can't mess around with the abyss, and think you can control it. if you do, it's just playing you. that's his position on thyrn's use of the blood.
Thyrn: "You are smarter than I, Alex. If you think of something to say during this, I will let you speak for me."
Alex: "I've got plenty to say. But this is about people giving each other significant looks and tapping the sides of their noses - snouts - conspiratorially, isn't it, not actual reason."
Istahar: "I will lend whatever aid I can, though I know not how your people shall receive me. I'm not much a rhetorician when it comes to the mortal world."
Pierrot: "Doesn't that feel a bit self-serving, Alex? Hurarn would realize that the only way to defeat the Abyss is to use it against itself, if only he were gritty and determined and pragmatic like us?"
Thyrn: "I fear it may be that, even in the way you say it. Many here have already decided, but for those who have not.. we need to provide doubt."
Alex: "Yes, damn it! What were we supposed to do, tell them sorry and fly off?"
Pierrot: what was the name of thyrn's mentor who just cut out the abyss asnd withered away and died peacefully
elfDM: Rysarc (sp?)
Thyrn: Ryarsc.
Alex: ryarsc i think yeah
Pierrot: "Well, then this isn't really about Hurarn, is it? It's the entire gnoll society. Every single way that Thyrn's people have to battle the blood, on some level they're basically all lies, if we take Hurarn at his word."
You whisper to fritz: we can wait on this if you wanna giver it it's own scene or a more quiet moment
Bully Calodoccer whispers: almost done
Pierrot: "Iron discipline and the power of the storm - who cares? The corruption still burns within you, powering your muscles, letting yo udraw breath. There's only one gnoll I know of who took it to its logical conclusion."
Bully Calodoccer: "Then so be it. Stagra, stand ready. Yarlip, with me." The shedu shimmers and vanishes. Yarlip and Stagra stand in confusion before the former's eyes roll back as he stumbles into the latter.
Bully Calodoccer: In the spirit realm, the shedu, a thousand feet high and more, lifts Yarlip gently between his teeth. The gnoll can see the dome of the sky nearly close enough to touch, and the glow of the city far beneath them, and further on outward settlements, and off in the furthest distance the roar of the great Cataract can be heard.
Bully Calodoccer: A motion without moving, and now they are next to the Stormpointers, Yarlip held before the mortal humans to see, to know the nature of their auras.
Bully Calodoccer: Another motion, and here is Stagra before them. Yarlip, so bold moments ago, begins to feel fear and horror as she sees the true face of the demon taint on his soul. Imre once described Thyrn's soul as a kettle of boiling tar in which the remnants of "flind" sometimes bubbled to the surface, but truly that was a sweetening of the bitter truth.
Bully Calodoccer: Another motion, and Imre and Brother Bull stand on either side of Yarlip. Before her is a gnoll, a faceless gnoll without mark or feature. None speak, but she knows it is her own soul she faces, and she will never again wonder why the spirits shun them so.
Bully Calodoccer: A timeless moment, and then all is as it was. Not even a single heartbeat has passed here in the city beneath the snows. Stagra steadies Yarlip by the elbow, and only the two gnolls and the shedu hear the three booming echoes ringing out over the hills.
Stagra Baneclaw: "What the-. .. how did he make him pass out? Without setting him on fire?"
Thyrn: "If I could have the choice I would just tell them precisely where to shove their doubts. Tell them to push them so far they could taste them." Thyrn growls angrily. "I hate this more than you could believe. Why don't they just listen to me!?"
Yarlip Galetrapper: "That. . .that is terrible. . "
Bully Calodoccer whispers: yarlip==lady stagra==gent tho you said?
Thyrn: "I am aware of that, Pierrot. We are all balanced on the edge of a blade, as it were."
Yarlip Galetrapper: "Is it. . out of pity then? That you turn away from us? Or is there simply . . nothing to see?"
Alex: "Yeah, it's-" Alex pauses to glance off to the side for a few moments, eyeing the small bunch of gnoll sorcerers. He looks back again. "-it's arbitrary, isn't it? That kind of total denial of any advantage. I mean... he'll say there's a difference between, I don't know, struggling to use it and setting it free, that sort of thing."
Bully Calodoccer: "Not pity, no."
Thyrn: "We can solve it when we can solve it, for now we should control it to our advantage. He says it is impossible but look at me."
You whisper to fritz: yrasa is female, the thid gnoll. don't owrry about it, we can retcon it or whateve,r it works fine. pretty dire, tho!
Thyrn: "I am.. Yes, I can not be humble about it, I am the thing of stories now. I could shatter metal with my hands if I put myself to it now, is that not enough proof?"
Thyrn: "That I can do so and stand here and accept their insults with a straight face and salute back when they tell me to go eat dirt?"
Bully Calodoccer whispers: oh whoops i misread yeah
Yarlip Galetrapper: Teeth grit. "This can't be all there is to us. Y-you must be blind, to not see us, how we strive-"
Stagra Baneclaw: "We are what we are, Galetripper."
Istahar: "Perhaps they are simply afraid that they cannot measure up to what you have accomplished."
Alex: "What do you do, though. You sock one in the face and it just gets worse."
Istahar: "Perhaps you may try inspiring the rest? Do not chastise them - uplift them, instead."
Bully Calodoccer: "You have seen as I do, Yarlip."
Istahar: "You must quell the fear that drives their hearts against you."
Thyrn: Thyrn sighs again, shaking his head. "I do not know. At least in a real ambush I could fight back."
Bully Calodoccer: "But there is a gnoll that I have seen that you have not."
Yarlip Galetrapper: Their eyes fall to their feet. They are shivering. But after a moment, they rally. "Then think on this, winged bull."
Thyrn: "Fear me? I do not think that is what drives them."
elfDM: oh sorry, you go on
Bully Calodoccer: im gonna drop mention of rysarc here unless i shouldnt
elfDM: no that sounds good
You whisper to fritz: reallly gooodd
Istahar: "You are an aberration, if what little stock I have taken of your people is true. You can corral that which has been their nemesis their entire lives, and turn it to your strength. You represent a possibility, but it is one that carries with it an inherent mien of corruption."
Alex: Alex taps his chin. "Istahar might be right. There are two ways to look at this, and the second is that Thyrn's walking proof that things aren't as bad as they seem - that you aren't trapped in a maze of dangers that pressures you always towards totalinaction."
Bully Calodoccer: "I have seen Rysarc, of whom Thyrn may speak later. I have seen what happens to the soul of one rescued."
Alex: "I mean... you did the right thing. Even if we'd known this was coming we'd have saved the City of Brass."
Yarlip Galetrapper: "And what is the fate of such creatures?"
Stagra Baneclaw: "Weakness and death!"
Yarlip Galetrapper: "No. . what did you see of this one, spirit?"
Bully Calodoccer: "You say 'this can't be all', Yarlip, and I hear 'I did not look carefully enough.' "
Istahar: "You must convince them that they can do similarly. Their blood is not their fated master. Do that, and I feel that this mess can be put behind us."
Thyrn: "Did I? If it produces this, I do not know."
Istahar: "All great changes are preceded by suspicion."
Bully Calodoccer: "Yarlip, I saw a flind."
Yarlip Galetrapper: ". . . . "
Yarlip Galetrapper: "So that is what I must do."
Stagra Baneclaw: "He saw a dead flind. Thryn's path is the true one."
Istahar: "For what it is worth, I am proof enough that origin can be overcome, but I cannot be such a paragon of that idea to these people. Only you can."
Yarlip Galetrapper: "I saw what I saw. He's right. Thank you, winged bull."
Bully Calodoccer: " 'Must'? That is a strong word Yarlip."
Yarlip Galetrapper: "This is the path I choose. And you've shown me where the other paths lead."
Thyrn: "We will see how it turns out. I may be more capable of surprise than they think."
Alex: "So, just to make a note here, if we make a powerful argument that evoking and directing the power of the blood is occasionally a wise and admirable thing to do we'd be putting a lot of impressionable people in danger."
Thyrn: "Yes."
Alex: "I mean, if any example was deserving of some sort of parental advisory-"
Thyrn: "I believe it is possible, but I do not believe it is exactly safe. I do not wish to say them, for it sounds this 'Hypo critical', but there are few who could do what I do."
Istahar: "Do you not do the same when you march to war as your children watch?"
Thyrn: "I do not have any family."
Bully Calodoccer: "Then so be it. Your path is chosen, and know that you are awaited at its end."
Istahar: "They will see only the glory of a gleaming sword, and not the blood that follows. Yet your society has survived, has it not?"
Yarlip Galetrapper: The gnoll nods, haltingly. "Then I shall see you at the Great Cataract. In the fullness of time."
Stagra Baneclaw: "Thanks, magic bull! We just lost our best galeflinger to a mystic quest. Brilliant." Stagra stomps off in a petulant huff.
Istahar: "Perhaps you cannot deny the darkness within you, but you may choose how you live with it. That is what you must suggest - that something other than raw fear is possible."
Bully Calodoccer: "Oh, I did not say that it was I who awaited you, Yarlip, nor that your feet may stop at the Cataract."
Yrasa Hearthslayer: The other gnolls seem far more. . ambiguous in their reactions."
Alex: "I meant that in the general sense. But - yeah, that's how I'd approach it, of course. You're an elite figure in the war, the things you do while forging ahead aren't necessarily to be taken as general examples. It works the same way with me at the Academy."
You whisper to fritz: yeah, you dind't say that. but i guess we'll see, won't we? :)
Thyrn: "Hmm, perhaps. Think of a good way to summarize it that does not sound like "Do as I say, not as I do", and you may be onto something Alex."
Alex: "Anyway, if you don't think you can clench your fists and calm your blood down right here and now, I suppose it's off to see what we can say."
Taroryc Bodyguard 3: "The Sera shall speak!" This formal proclamation sounded so reasonable in Therhonen, but here it rings with an imperious quality.
Alex: "No one'll ever be able to do as you do until you try it first and master it. If you didn't take risks you wouldn't be here at all."
Pierrot: i mean, out ofcharacter, this definitely seems like an insanely weak argument to me, riidi ww
Pierrot: but it's not like pierrot didn't literally two days ago agree that this was the thing thyrn should do
Thyrn: Thyrn clenches his fists for a moment. You never know. "I do not think so.. our time appears to have run its course."
Volth: "Chieftan Guradorn has sposored the sorceror, Stuligir Frostbite, to present this challenge to me. They speak of the Hyra, Thyrn of Therhonen. I shall hear their challenge."
Thyrn: Thyrn adjusts one of his bracers, trying to appear as relaxed as possible.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "This Hyra is not fit to lead our people. My tribe has long waged war on the blood. Hunting the wendigo and the fallen, keeping the ancient ways which we inherited from Syrca Demonslayer and his get, as his true sons. Only now, in this new age, have the Sera. . and the Khyrr. ..seen the wisdom of our ways. . and only now do Sorcerors and Demon slayers gain the respect they deserve."
Alex: Alex stands straight and formal, watching the speaker carefully. He's tuned his wards to let in the ambient light and so allow the wizard to actually look like part of the room.
Thyrn: There's one demon slayer here not getting the respect he deserves.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: He continues his oratory, speaking gnoll with a rumbling local dialect. "It is our judgement, and that of Stuligir, that, as is the case with all our great warriors. . the time has some, regrettably, for Thyrn to leave this world. Indeed, we praise him- for he is a Slayer of Demons! He has warred long on the Blood! But it is a war that in time, costs each warrior their sanity and, should we not see to them properly. . their soul."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: He holds out his hands. "We all know this. The mightier the warrior, the stronger the blood in their veins. And Thyrn. . may be the mightiest Gnoll warrior in history."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: He pauses, for a long time. As gnolls nearby, and watching from upper balconies mull over his words. "Hear now from our sorcerer."
Thyrn: What!? "Hold on- Leave this world!? What kind of trial is this, Sera? Do you have authorization for this?"
Alex: Leave this world...? Alex frowns slightly. That's more dire wording than he'd seen coming.
Stuligir Frostbite: This one's voice is rough, almost rasping from long years of ice, storm, and sorcery. He does not speak as well as his sponsor, but he knows how to spin a tale. "We do not speak our of arrogance."
Stuligir Frostbite: "But our ways are wise. Wehn the time comes, a warrior must surrender to the tribe-"
Volth: "Hold!"
Istahar: She mumbles very quietly to Alex. "I don't suppose you've been considering escape plans?"
Volth: "I was not informed of this claim! You seek to. . forcibly reture this Hyra?"
Volth: "Or worse?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "We simply speak the truth as we see it! It is up to you. . mighty Sera. . to determine our path. . "
Alex: Alex whispers back: "They're the ones who should be considering escape plans."
Volth: "then by all means. . continue to give your views."
Istahar: "I believe your ally mentioned nothing 'drastic' should happen."
Stuligir Frostbite: "In our tribe. . and many others! The warriors who have reached this point, are given a great celebration! It is a wiser, and far more decent end, than the taboos and hidden superstitions of the lowlanders!"
Stuligir Frostbite: "We do not ignore their pain. . .or hide from it! Stubbornly denying their suffering. . or doing away with them. . .in secret! Like the Myrla. . .like the Sergan!"
Alex: "'Should' is the operative word, there. But - no, they wouldn't dare."
Bully Calodoccer: "Wouldn't they?"
Stuligir Frostbite: "Now that the Khyrr has seen the wisdom of our ways. . .then heed them! This warrior is slipping. It is his time. We would not claim him as one of our own, and send him on the long march but. . . . clearly his time is at an end."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Hyra Thyrn. Would you see a tragic end to your greatness? Would you see your young human friends. . forced to put you down, when you main fails, suddenly? You know the pain of such things."
Thyrn: Thyrn narrows his eyes. "I will die of old age before I fall."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "You know what it's like, don't you? Surely? I see it in your eyes. A sadness I often see in the Myrla and Sergan. A friend lost. . .a mentor. . a. . commander?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Everyone thinks that, Thyrn!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Everyone says they shall be the one to die in bed!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "And we are all wrong"
Thyrn: "Both, in different ways. You only hunt, Guradorn- you have no perspective. No idea what there is out there."
Thyrn: "So easy it is to call yourself wrong when it suits your purposes, isn't it?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Out there? You didn't come back free of the blood, Hyra. You came back stronger. That is a familiar tale. And we all know how it ends."
Thyrn: "Stronger, but more in control than ever. How do you explain that, Guradorn?"
Thyrn: "You can't, it doesn't work for what you want here."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Thus far, you have been correct. You have held the line. Songs will be sung of that! Your battle has been brave, and true."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "But now? The battle comes to an end. We can see it. Even your own, most respected and loyal allies, can see it!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "you are slipping Hyra. And you know it."
At this, a change comes over the room. Gnolls shift in place, and grown to one another. Thyrn's story is well known. His legend grows. But could it be true? Could be truly be. .. .
Alex: "That's certainly not true."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "You're as mortal as any of of Thyrn. And you know the end that comes for our people."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I do not expect you to accept my words for this. Or that of our Sorcerers! Rather, I ask Thyrn's triest disciple. One who has done more than any gnoll, to further his cause, and make the argument for a mystic war against the blood."
Thyrn: "Better than you do. I can see already you've never really looked inside yourself to see what was there, Guradorn. No, yours is the hunt. The blindness, the safety of ignorance."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: I do not begrudge you your defiance, Thryn. It has always been the case, that our strength, our stubborness, that keeps us going- in time becomes our greatest foe. For in time, the blood clais even that."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Hurarn Thunderfall. What say you?"
Volth: "Speak, Sorceror."
Thyrn: "Yes, come Hurarn. Tell them what they want to hear."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "They don't want to hear it! But they must!"
Thyrn: "Oh but you do, Guradorn. You thirst for blood more than any demon."
Alex: Alex has got his arms folded in front of his body now rather than behind it. It's the moment that he lets them hang loose to flex his fingers that you want to watch out for, of course. The wizards stares daggers across the chamber.
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Thyrn is the mightiest of our people. He is a mountain of iron, compared to the rest of us."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "We don't dispute that. Is he slipping?"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "He shall likely outlive all of us, if not taking by violence- he may live out a mortal span, without falling to the blood?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Perhaps. Perhaps not. Is he slipping?"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "He has slain demon lords, and demon princes! He stands on the front lines of our war! He has crossed blades with the ruler of ruin itself, and triumphed in the war for his own soul!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Is. . he sli-"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "I thought you better than this, Guradorn! Where is the man who once risked ruin, to teach me lessons of honor?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Hes standing Right. Here."
Thyrn: Thyrn falls back into a loose stance, but he doesn't dare even twitch towards his blades, not here.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Smaller by only a hair, the Chieftain is a formdable sight in the spiked armor of a demon slayer. "Is. He losing ground."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "His control is less than it was when I last met him."
Alex: Alex looks back and forth with each growled sentence.
The cavern rumbles with a chorus of gasps, snarls, and oaths. they crawl across the textures surface, sandstone walls, earthen floor, smoke stained roof, like stormclouds.
Volth: "There will be no rituals of execution here!"
Volth: "I know well your ceremonies. And they have not been accepted-"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "You let us die for you. You let our sorcerers quest and cast. But you won't accept the most vital, and compassionate of our traditions-"
Volth: "You speak of compassion to a Sera?! I am war leader!"
Thyrn: Thyrn folds his arms. He doesn't appear swayed at all. "This is not your decision to make, Guradorn. It is not anyone's here."
Thyrn: "You do not just stage a trial for a Hyra by surprise."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "And what a war. with no room for wisdom, or humility, or mercy even for your greatest champion, we have all see where this path leads! Who shall slay him, when the time comes?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "When he turns as we will all turn, should we not accept our fate?"
Volth: "We are the master of our own fate, Chieftain!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "And we see where that leads. Arrogance, and folly. Even in the face of the great truth of our existance."
Volth: Volth is clearly out maneuvered. He's warleader alright, but not much of a politician.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The chieftain argues well, but also with undeniable passion. If you didn't know better, you'd swear he believed every word he saw saying.
Alex: Does Alex know better?
Drrukh: "You are welcome to speak, on Thyrn's behalf.
elfDM: Everyone can roll a skill! beware however, the more banes you rack up, the more your wierdness and outsider nes will count against you. after all, this whole debate isn't really about itself. it's about credibility. . and doubt. Banes=doubt, but you arne't going to get very far without figing things out, or evne making arguments of your own
Istahar: alright
Istahar: first, can i use this:
  Radiant Visage  
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, each target gains a bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate equal to +8 (Wis modifier).
      Temp HP: « 3d12 = 15 »  
Istahar: agh sorry ignore that last part
elfDM: Radiant Gnollargument Win. you winone argument with gnols
Alex: oh, that'll come in handy
Istahar: okay, then i roll this
  Diplomacy: Rolled 41.
Istahar: so that's a 49 total
Alex: Word of Peace You call your foe a-
elfDM: woah woah
elfDM: i just realized. . vermain doens't now out skill system
Istahar: oh. teh
Pierrot: ahhhhhhhh yes
elfDM: ok so like. there are Stakes when you roll skills
elfDM: you can alter them, stop that riidi, it's not like the systme is a running joke or something-
elfDM: basically yo can change the stakes of your skill rolls, to get say, more successes.. but also more risk of a downside!!
elfDM: the downside are called Banes,
elfDM: some fo them are big, campaigin banes, others, like the ones in this scene, ralate ot more immediate stuff
elfDM: butt since you rolled you ass off, we can just assume you had normal stakes, and got 3 succeses
Istahar: yay
elfDM: ok, flaouivr that! and remember, you're a strange angle creature, but a lot of gnolls probably just see you as Yet Another Magical Foreigner
Pierrot: thyrn got a campaign bane and it led to this
Istahar: alright does everyone else now roll a Thing or should i flavor or w/e
Alex: when happyelf says "successes" he means we just compare the skill row to the easy/normal/hard dcs for our level, each one you pass is a success for long-term challenge tracking purposes
Istahar: ah okay
Istahar: sorry i had a touch of lag there
elfDM: lvl 24 DCs 27/32/37
Bully Calodoccer:
  Speak with Spirits  
      Effect: Gain +« WisBonus = 9 » to your next skill check this turn.  
Thyrn: skill bonus guy
Thyrn: s
Bully Calodoccer: « 1d20+26+9 = 20 + 26 + 9 = 55 » insight. what's the deal here. normal stakes.
elfDM: nice
Bully Calodoccer: dang that was a waste
elfDM: yeah i mean, nodon't be afraid of a few lil banes, these banes aren't campaigin banes after all
elfDM: feel free to flavour your rolls once you rollem
Pierrot: i'll raise the stakes once and roll intimidate
  Intimidate: Rolled 32.
Istahar: would you like to reroll that, riidi
elfDM: Two Bad
Istahar: i have an item power
Pierrot: i would like to, i believe.
  Commanding Presence  
Effect: You can use this power when you or an ally within 5 squares of you rolls a poor Diplomacy or Intimidate check. You or the ally rerolls the check and uses the new result.
      Bonus: « 1d8 = 2 »  
Istahar: tehhh
Istahar: sorry i still have a bunch of old code stuff
  Intimidate: Rolled 44.
Pierrot: b oom, that's more like it
Istahar: hooray
elfDM: yeesh
Istahar: You have spent a magic item daily power use.
Current uses:
Thyrn: hmm
elfDM: actally
elfDM: im gonna say. . thyrn can't roll!
elfDM: yet. . .
Thyrn: Ah
elfDM: for Reasons
elfDM: so let's see alex's roll
elfDM: and the youall can flavour, and ill tell you what you learn
elfDM: as well as making general progress
Alex: "Great truths of existence are malleable. What you propose now is, in the Serrkanar that exists, a wise and compassionate thing that your ancestors would have balked at as ridiculous. For most gnolls, great strength and prowess coupled with slipping self-control might well be read as a call for execution, but Thyrn isn't like most gnolls. You can't harken back to tradition when something's never been done before."
  Diplomacy: Rolled 45.
Istahar: The Fallen One concentrates, and for a brief moment, there is a distant sound, like the fluttering of wings. She - and the others - gain a nobility in their bearing that wasn't there moments before.
Alex: that's with the +8 bonus
Thyrn: Thyrn folds his arms, looking the crowd over. He's been a witness before, stood in front of a disciplinary tribunal, but this.. he's never been the suspect in a trial like this.
Pierrot: Pierrot's not a literally towering presence, but Hurarn's respectability has rubbed off on him and the crackling power that surrounds him lets him loom above his weight class. "This is an outrage. As with all gnolls, Thyrn must keep a close eye on his condition and have friends and comrades who are there to help him and to do what he cannot. That is what he has. Do not question us."
Alex: "Turn on Thyrn now and you'll be doing this forever, biting back the pain of cutting your greatest off in their primes because you know the alternative is worse. But the whole bloody cycle can be brought to a close, can be transcended all together - if you stand with Thyrn rather than against him."
Bully Calodoccer: The shedu stands back. There's obviously more going on. What's Guradorn's angle? What's his goal? Is this mere gnoll politics, or worse?
elfDM: Istahar note a certain strange discordance in the influence of her. . influence. Normally, a supernal assertion of this kind passes peacefully, but here, amidst these demon blooded things, it is cast into stark relief. Still, it seems to have the desired effect, although she's not sure how well it would work coninually over time.
Istahar: "I can only but agree with the rest of my allies." The word allies has an odd taste to it, and she hesitates for only a brief second. "For an age longer than this city has stood, I fought against all that was terrible and chaotic in the world, and were a true demon to stand before me, I would smite it where it stood. But there are none here of that - only a brave and noble man."
Istahar: "Do not let your fear of your own blood drive you to ruin. Do not let your fear of him drive you to forego the true strength that rests within your mind and hearts."
Istahar: "What he has accomplished - his subjugation of his darkness - is what all of you can also achieve."
Istahar: She then rests her tongue, hands clasped behind her back.
elfDM: Brother Imre has already been working his spirit powers this hour, and showing one gnoll a part of themselves. He finds his new perspective does seem to clarify things, and it's clear immediatly, that the Chieftain, and his Shaman, are in fact if anything, admirably resisting the toll of the abyss- if not on the scale of Hurarn or indeed, Thyrn. That rules out the most obvious of mischief. But beyond that. He senses little in the way of guile in these two creatures, Guradorn, and Stuligir. They speak with passion, of their tradiitons. Still. . something isn't right. Something important, very important, is missing from Imre's inderstanding of their tribal customs. These are not creatures who reach out to the sprit world. their sorcerers are not shamans. And that means that what may appear to be harmony, could be anything but.
You whisper to fritz: Also, with that 20, Imre is all the more sure about his view of gnolls. Indeed, once he returns to his allies in the champions, he may have to speka to them, since the dragonslayers seem more and more complacent about the threat of the abyss, and the eventual fate of the gnolls who embrace it.
elfDM: Pierrot's challenge makes a lot of sense to a lot of gnolls. Not only those loyal to the Khyrr and Sera, but just in general, these are not creatures who disrepect power- particularly the power of the storm. Most importantly, he's managed to elevate his demand above the level of politics, and other vagrancies that might spread cynicism, or cause a backlash like the one Bogda feared.
elfDM: Alex's logic strikes well at the heart of the paradox here- are these new ways, or not? Why is one take on new ways, better than another? A lot of wise and learned snouts are nodding at that.
elfDM: Istahar's words challenge the gnolls to Be Brave and Tough. There's no beating that line, with a gnoll audience.
Volth: "Well spoken. Unles there are further challenges."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I will challenge by blade."
The room shakes with the latest twist.
Alex: Alex chokes out a single laugh. "What?"
Bodgan Grad: On the other side of it, Bogdan pratically falls over in shock. He mouths something obscene to his colleague in the dialect of lower stormpoint.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I will challenge the Hyra by blade!"
Volth: "How is that pertinent?"
Thyrn: "What..?"
Alex: "But he'll just- I mean, wait, would that be the end of it?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Let it be a test of skill and restraint. Let us climb the Tower together. I would argue that his blood will light in him, a fury that will rob him of his balance, and restraint!""
Volth: "You cna't be serious. this makes no sense! You do not deny his might!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I do not. And yet, by law, a challenge is a challenge."
Thyrn: "You want me to make a martyr of you or something, Guradorn? You're not proving anything by this."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I would not fight to the death Hyra. Merely to the first fall." From a fifty foot tall spire, that stretches nearly to the ceiling of the hall.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Let us duel on the narrow path. For that is where we stand. That is the path you find yourself falling from."
Thyrn: "A fall like that can be fatal if one isn't careful, Guradorn. What do you expect to come of this?"
Thyrn: "If you win, what does that prove? If I win, the same question remains."
Alex: Alex is whispering, now. "He's completely crazy. I have to make people duel me, you know."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I will not surrender to this. We must lead our people in wisdom! Including the wisdom of knowing when to let go of life!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "If I win it shall be for one of two reasons. Either of which prove my point!"
Istahar: So is Istahar. "He's desperate to cling to his folly. It is a pitiful sight."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Either, your control is slipping. Enough that the narrow path is not broad enough for you to do battle upon."
Volth: "Or?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: He smiles. "Or Scyra's Blades have found a demon."
Thyrn: "And if I win?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: He slams his gauntlets together, then swings his arms out to his sides. Ancient mecanisms hiss within his armor, and four massive blades spring from within! (see handout)
Alex: hell yeah
Stagra Baneclaw: "The Lost blades of Scyra!"
Thyrn: Thyrn manages a small laugh. "Do you know what swords I wield, Guradorn?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "This is Fury. This is Wrath. This is Mercy. And this is Peace. What is the name of your blade, Thyrn? I'm sure it has much in common with mine."
Thyrn: Thyrn draws the plain, indigo hued steel blade at his side. "This is Trust, last work of the Flind. It is a promise made long ago."
You whisper to Ferrinus: A quick calculation suggests that his blades likely post-date Ynarra, which thyrn wields. But not by a whole lot. They were lilely repurposed to fit within the bracers and armor, maybe by early demonslayers in the post flind era.
Pierrot: thios is extremely shonen.
Thyrn: it is
Thyrn: "The other I have no name for. Standard issue sword for a Hyra- lent to a human from ages past to fight a battle he has no chance of winning. It is all the remains of him now."
You whisper to Ferrinus: by post-date, i mean they'renot as good. . but they do seem more aggressivly atuned to the bloos of the gnolls, somehow. as if built to seek it out, and empty it frm it's vessles
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Sera?"
Thyrn: He brings the second blade out- the steel is off-white and almost looks cracked. It looks serene, delicate.. but also caustic.
Alex: Alex scratches at his chin. "Hmm. Thyrn wins - by a bit, anyway. Those are post-flind blades, just barely. 'course, that means we're looking at all the technical expertise of the flinds bent to the sole purpose of spilling the blood of the newly-abyssal gnolls."
Volth: "If you lose. This matter is closed, chieftain. You cannot make some mewling argument of being beaten by a demon"
Thyrn: "They last tasted the flesh of a true demon, Guradorn. The Prince of Fire, Ishelem."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I shall make no such argument. If I fall, the matter is closed, and my tribe shall accept that! If I stand. .. I want the Triad to hear our case. That is all."
Volth: ". . .That is fair. I am watching you, Guldorn."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: A slick, deep throated cackle. "You can try old man. . but I doubt you'll be able to kepe track of either of us.
elfDM: ok, just gotta count out the line
Thyrn: There's no way Guradorn would make a challenge like this if he didn't have something planned.. Thyrn tests the weight on his blades carefully.
You whisper to fritz: imre isn't so sure this is a trap. he's pretty sure guladorn actually beleives in what he's doing, and sees this as his last chance to save thyrn from himself, and set the gnolls on a better path.
Thyrn: He leans over and whispers to Alex as he passes. "Be ready, something about this does not fit."
elfDM: btw, how long does everyone have
elfDM: can't seem to load aoe's
Istahar: w/e
Thyrn: the usual forever. tomorrow is a holiday
Istahar: its long weekend
Alex: Alex nods, but whispers back "Get that guy."
Bully Calodoccer whispers: hmm.. anyway if imre interferes there'll be diplomatic incidents anyway
Bully Calodoccer: i can go late-ish tonight
Alex: i SHOULD go to bed in two hours or so but i'm flexible
Thyrn: bed time is immaterial to us, ferrinus. We are adults now.
Pierrot: i too need to be in bed in about 2 hours
Thyrn: Inmaterial
You whisper to fritz: yeah there's no real clear option here for action. . but otoh, he's also sure that they are missing something
Alex: once i ascend to the realms supernal, i'll abolish bedtimes AND cavities
elfDM: i can't mak out the path but it's like 23 long iirc
Bully Calodoccer whispers: i (fritz) am prob. not gonna be able to figure it out
Thyrn: 23 all the way to the top seems about right
You whisper to fritz: it's kidna hard to without more info. basically imagine it in terms of ecology. these gnoll tribes have their traditions, but they don't have the spits to help them seek a genune balance with the world. so unliek your people, their rituals may have unintended consequences. . .imre caused problame by slipping, , but thse gnolls could be doing something wrong. . and not evne know it. .
Bully Calodoccer: looks like a devil w/ a scythe for thee for thee for theeeeee up there imo
Istahar: brennon HAS to cap the point on badlands or else his team won't win
elfDM: it's the gnoll standard and a red flag, put on top of ome toehr things. modifying existing maps ftw
Thyrn: pride rock
elfDM: ok thyrn
elfDM: do you remember the rules for dueling
Thyrn: Sort of, give me the rundown again though just in case
Thyrn: it's like, you predict a move and roll
Thyrn: and there's a bonus
Thyrn: if you guess the correct Counter
elfDM: RULES OF THE DUEL: The duel will be an extended skill contest with a rock/paper/scissors feature. VICTORY: The duel is fought up and down the slope of a spire. Whoever pushes their opponent off the end of the path, wins.
elfDM: Whoever wins the roll-off pushes their opponent back 1 square, or 2 squares if they beat them by a margin of 5 and more, and so on to a max push of 3.
elfDM: ROLLING: Each turn, the duelists secretly choose a type of skill to roll- known amongs gnoll warriors as Chase, Stalk, and Challenge
elfDM: Chase: Strength, and Dex. Stalk: Int, and Wis. Challenge: Cha, and Con.
elfDM: You choose a skill to roll in secret, and gain a +5 bonus if you have the advantage against your opponent's skill: Challenge beats Stalk, Stalk beats Chase, and Chase beats Challenge
elfDM: as is usually the case, your opponent has a special trait:
Alex: rule of duel
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The Demon Slaying chieftain has battled many mad gnolls in his time, and his blades are built for this purpose. He is a cunning and experienced foe. Whenever he uses Stalk skills, he can roll twice, and use either result!
elfDM: ok,who wants to hear the secret calls?
Thyrn: >:I
elfDM: c'mon somebody
elfDM: brb
Alex: brennon nominates... himself
elfDM: hey idiots. somebody volunteer
Istahar: what would hearing the Secret Calls entail
elfDM: we each whisper the skilset we're going to use to you, and then when you get both of them, you post them
elfDM: but you can't tell anyone until you get both of them!
Istahar: alright, post them in public?
elfDM: yes, ocne you have both, post them at the same time
Pierrot: yes
Istahar: i'd assume so but just checking!
Pierrot: they each pm you and then you copy them here
Istahar: aight
elfDM: it's so easy, even the sergan could do it
Istahar: i am prepared
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The demon hunter rests on the balls of his feet, his heavy armor giving him little trouble even on this narrow path.
Alex: ultimate trial of vermain
The cavern comes alive with calls and shouts, as the gnolls cheer as they would for any battle!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "I hope for your sake I can take your down, Thyrn. I know you are to honorable to wish that end on yourself. . .or your allies!"
Volth: The Sera holds high his hand. .
Thyrn: Thyrn's feet barely even disturb the dust as he settles into a light stance. "I'm going to end your schemes here and now, Guradorn. We'll stand together whether you like it or not after this."
Volth: And hurls it down! "Begin!"
You whisper to Vermain: Chase!
elfDM: do the skill call up front, i already did,heh
elfDM: im that confident
Thyrn: wow
Thyrn: Challenge, my friend
Istahar: Guradorn: Chase!
elfDM: in future, whisper them, otherwise vermian will get confusuled
Istahar: yeah
elfDM: chase beats challenge! rollem!
Thyrn: « 1d20+31 = 5 + 31 = 36 » Intimidate!
Thyrn: Fk
Thyrn: do i still get that +8 from vermain's thing,
elfDM: t was eont
elfDM: rolling
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Athletics!! « 1d20+28+5 = 7 + 28 + 5 = 40 »
elfDM: let's say. . loser flavours first?
Thyrn: Guradorn's fought more Gnolls than Thyrn ever has, and the Hyra is aware of this. He opens with an offensive flourish, trying to tease out some of the hunter's strategy.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The Cheiftain responds with a direct charge, his front leading blades sesthing with cold as if drawn to Thyrn's Demonic blood!
elfDM: next round! whispering!
You whisper to Vermain: stalk!
Istahar: Istahar watches the battle from afar, arms crossed. There's something odd about a duel, really. It seems unnecessary.
Istahar: Thyrn: Challenge! Guradorn: Stalk!
elfDM: auiee!! rollem!
Thyrn: « 1d20+31+5 = 14 + 31 + 5 = 50 » Intimidate!
elfDM: yeesh! rolling!
elfDM: History! « 1d20+26 = 16 + 26 = 42 » « 1d20+26 = 19 + 26 = 45 »
elfDM: that's a margin of 5, push 2
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Guladorn follows up with a barrage of strikes from his front and rear blades, a practiced, time honored approach to drive back a lighter armored foe, and yet-
Thyrn: The Skyrunners move like the wind, but crash like the wave. Just as Guradorn steps into the ground he was given, Thyrn slams back into him with a rolling, dual bladed strike. "Tell me, do any of the ones you hunt still use weapons like I do?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: A hiss of pain and shifting metal plates is the only response
Guradorn Tarokhyr: whispering!
You whisper to Vermain: Challenge!
Istahar: Thyrn: Challenge! Guradorn: Challenge!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: tie! rolling!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: bluff « 1d20+28 = 9 + 28 = 37 »
Thyrn: « 1d20+31 = 6 + 31 = 37 » Intimidate! Classic Thyrn
Guradorn Tarokhyr: hsss that won't do!
Thyrn: damn
Guradorn Tarokhyr: woahhh!
Thyrn: wish my rolls were better...!!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The two gnolls are a frenzy of blades, one snarling, the other silent as they wage a battle of wills with no victor!
elfDM: whisper!
You whisper to Vermain: stalk!
Istahar: Thyrn: Chase! Guradorn: Stalk!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: yeahhh History « 1d20+26+5 = 8 + 26 + 5 = 39 » « 1d20+26+5 = 16 + 26 + 5 = 47 »
Thyrn: « 1d20+26+5 = 18 + 26 + 5 = 49 » « 1d20+26+5 = 1 + 26 + 5 = 32 » Acrobatics!
Thyrn: oh yeah, no five for me
Thyrn: so 44
Guradorn Tarokhyr: yeah!!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Tarokhyr's advance seems implacable. On such a narrow path, there's no way around the storm of blades, or the wall of armor. And no way through- not in this moment.
elfDM: falvour then whisper!
You whisper to Vermain: Stalk!
Istahar: Thyrn: Chase! Guradorn: Stalk!
Thyrn: The heavily armoured goblins never fought on ground like this, always in the open. Thyrn finds it hard to angle at Guradorn, instead he simply gives ground once again.
elfDM: yep
Thyrn: « 1d20+26 = 18 + 26 = 44 » « 1d20+26 = 15 + 26 = 41 » Athletics
elfDM: History « 1d20+26+5 = 12 + 26 + 5 = 43 » « 1d20+26+5 = 10 + 26 + 5 = 41 »
elfDM: Wow.
Gnolls cheer and cackle at the match. In this terrain, the two seem caught in an impasse!
Drrukh: "Sera. . if this goes on too long. . ."
Alex: i recall a historical instance in which thyrn's technique was used,
Volth: "I would prefer not to step in. . besides. . .bonds are made in battle. . ."
Thyrn: "We all win if I win, Guradorn. Just take the fall."
elfDM: He's drawing on his experence
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Such words are beneath you."
Guradorn Tarokhyr: whispering!
You whisper to Vermain: challenge!
Istahar: Thyrn: Stalk! Guradorn: Challenge!
Thyrn: « 1d20+23+5 = 7 + 23 + 5 = 35 » Perception
Thyrn: argh i need more 10+ rolls ffs
elfDM: challeng ebeats stalk
elfDM: bluff « 1d20+28+5 = 13 + 28 + 5 = 46 »
Thyrn: ah
Thyrn: well
Istahar: please dont fall, thyrn
Istahar: there's already a fallen one here *laugh track*
Thyrn: his numbers are larger, but i will do what i can
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Thyrn locks blades with the Cheiftain in an intricate parry- only for his opponent to smirk, and retract his blades back into his gauntlets. Stepping inside Thyrn's guard, he slams a guntlet into the Hyra's head, sending them both crashing back!
elfDM: actually if you don't have +5 on that it's anoter square!
elfDM: whisper!
Thyrn: Thyrn shakes off the blow quickly. "We both know you're not doing this for the greater good, Guradorn."
elfDM: whisper!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Are you sure about that, Thyrn?"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: whisper!
You whisper to Vermain: stalk!
Istahar: Thyrn: Chase! Guradorn: Stalk!
Thyrn: "Who else can stand up for what I do, fight for the things I do?"
elfDM: stalk beats chasseee
Thyrn: this rng provided list is not working as intended
Thyrn: « 1d20+26 = 18 + 26 = 44 » « 1d20+26 = 16 + 26 = 42 » Acrobatics
elfDM: History « 1d20+26+5 = 20 + 26 + 5 = 51 » « 1d20+26+5 = 1 + 26 + 5 = 32 »
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "wherever our people go, we must go together! Why else should we stand as one??"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "We are on the narrow path, Thyrn! You have forgotten how treacherous that trek truly is! Here- let me remind you. . "
Thyrn: Thyrn continues to cede ground, stepping out of the way of the hunter's blades. The heavy armour leaves precious little for his strikes to threaten..
Guradorn Tarokhyr: "Don't hold back, Thyrn. By my honor, we shall not call you a monster for striking me down!"
elfDM: whisper!!
You whisper to Vermain: Chase!
Istahar: Thyrn: Challenge! Guradorn: Chase!
Thyrn: « 1d20+31 = 18 + 31 = 49 » Intimidate
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Athletics!! « 1d20+28+5 = 6 + 28 + 5 = 39 »
elfDM: wowww
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Guladorn resses his advantage, and then-
Drrukh: "Hyra! If oine of them dies-"
Volth: "Quiet! I am enjoying the bout. As are those watching."
Thyrn: Thyrn ducks low, getting inside Guradorn's guard. His blades scream through the air like the dying.
elfDM: whisper!
You whisper to Vermain: chase!
Istahar: Thyrn: Challenge! Guradorn: Chase!
elfDM: Athletics!! « 1d20+28+5 = 4 + 28 + 5 = 37 »
elfDM: uh oh
  Intimidate: Rolled 51.
Thyrn: Die!
elfDM: whisper!!
You whisper to Vermain: s. .. s-stalk!!
Thyrn: not literally, of course, but,
Pierrot: Too late.
Pierrot: He literally dies.
Istahar: Thyrn: Challenge! Guradorn: Stalk!
Thyrn: Trust slices a hair's breadth away from Guradorn's eyes. The bottom flap of cloth falls loosely from the top.
elfDM: History « 1d20+26 = 3 + 26 = 29 » « 1d20+26 = 1 + 26 = 27 »
Thyrn: « 1d20+31+5 = 3 + 31 + 5 = 39 » Intimidate
Thyrn: damn, a 3...
Thyrn: throw game guy
elfDM: whisper!!
You whisper to Vermain: Stalk.
Istahar: thyrn blows a cloud of weed smoke in his face
Thyrn: Thyrn's offense is relentless, he's like an avalanche of steel- the only winning move is to get out of the way.
Istahar: Thyrn: Chase! Guradorn: Stalk!
Guradorn Tarokhyr: Sparks fly like a foutain as the demon slaying chieftain is forced back, and back-
elfDM: History « 1d20+26+5 = 3 + 26 + 5 = 34 » « 1d20+26+5 = 15 + 26 + 5 = 46 »
Thyrn: « 1d20+26 = 19 + 26 = 45 » « 1d20+26 = 15 + 26 = 41 » Athletics
Thyrn: damn, almost
elfDM: wow
elfDM: whisper and then something'll happen-
You whisper to Vermain: chase!!
Istahar: Thyrn: Chase! Guradorn: Chase!
elfDM: Athletics!! « 1d20+28 = 14 + 28 = 42 »
Thyrn: « 1d20+26 = 1 + 26 = 27 » « 1d20+26 = 6 + 26 = 32 » Acrobatics
Thyrn: fk
Pierrot: Fail.
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The four blades seethe with the power of the chill winds of the mountains, as the demon hunter drags back some of his hard lost progress against Thyrn. He builds into a new tempo, gaining inertia, and then-
Volth: "What? Huh. HOLD!"
Guradorn Tarokhyr: The two figures clash once more, and then drag themselves apart with a slading of steel.
Blood-Splattered Bodyguard: "Sera. The Wendigo! They have come! They strike at the city!"
Pierrot: "Drawn to us again, do you think?"
Alex: Alex spins. "How many?"
Volth: "Hmm. You see? This, here, is the madness of the abyss. Suicidal folly. I would ask our guests to be on call in case our defenders find thry are troubled- they are treacherous beasts by all accounts- but we should be able to disperse whatever rabble remains, after your slaughter of them on the glacier."
Blood-Splattered Bodyguard: "This is no rabble sir. There are.. I do not understand how it is possible sir but-"
Blood-Splattered Bodyguard: "There are hundereds of them. . perhaps more! And army!"
Blood-Splattered Bodyguard: "They're invading the city!"
elfDM: thanks for playing y'all
Thyrn: Thyrn lowers his blades to his side, but his breathing remains slow.. steady. "Looks like the real threat is still out there. Pity we were so.. distracted."
Istahar: chears happyelf
elfDM: woo wooo
Pierrot: The beast is least.
Istahar: next week: gross monster battles
Alex: wendigo SORT OF aren't gross
Thyrn: were they gonna try to put thyrn in that cage
Pierrot: they're epic and win
Pierrot: thyrn taken away in a cangue to await executioin .... but what's this? his followers are attacking the caravan! guard it, warden, while protecting your base from wendigo assault!
Thyrn: Nice
Alex: next game someone remind me that wendigo get bonus attacks if you light them on fire
Alex: because hoo boy
Thyrn: alex waits until thyrn is surrounded
Thyrn: This is for making me watch that shit, fucker
Alex: "listen, if i'd crit all eight of them they'd all have died and you'd be safe, it was an acceptable risk"
elfDM: saving log
Ferrinus is disconnected.
Riidi is disconnected.