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elfDM: ok spoilers moved to the other map so cdo't click the oteh map riidi
brennon: ah the camera lock
Riidi: ok
brennon: All I see is darkness before me.
elfDM: woops
brennon: poodura of duhs
dammitwho: oh fyi i've only got abt two hours because i have to pick up me other sis
dammitwho: and. her. cat.
brennon: DesertGame
elfDM: ok well basically
elfDM: we are doing a decide anwyay so
Riidi: Gotta pick up this cat. I'm a slave to the toxoplasmosis worms.
elfDM: we should be ok for time
Alex: cat!!
elfDM: srsyl toxoplasmosis is the myth i cna't let go for real
brennon: Riidi: Gotta pick up this cat. I'm a slave to the toxoplasmosis worms.
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dammitwho: that cat definitely has a thick coating of brain parasites, due to her being like twelve pounds
dammitwho: big fluffy baby
Alex: harriet..........
Riidi: we're doing a Lord Deicide Ravenrose this time
brennon: Hopefully I get to decide something with my sword. Haha.
Alex: i'm the deicider
elfDM: gotta love me
Istahar: i am ready to Game
elfDM: we need a count
Istahar: countdrank
Thyrn: TFW he's away on f*cking steam
Pierrot: TFW
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elfDM: yay
elfDM: everyone gtg?
Istahar: greets
Istahar: i am gtg
Alex: i'm'st've'll'dve
Dominique: hup
Hugo: yes
Thyrn: Yea
Pierrot: Yes
elfDM: introing
"You are far from home."
"And just a step away."
"You have found your way here."
"And seen nothing of this place."
"All I offer is a choice."
"I offer what will be chosen. .what cannot be avoided."
The Fey: "So choose! Follow my gilded path to the lair of the vampire!"
Xaztaroth: "This is the peril you wisely avoided a moment ago. He wants you back."
Ero'din: "No. Pierrot is free of the demense. This is a more.. conventional matte."
Xaztaroth: "The greatest threat still remains!"
Alex: "At the same time, how else are we supposed to learn what awaited us here in the first place?"
Thyrn: "Maybe we can wrench something useful about the Deathwatch out of Sudura. On the plus side, they will probably believe he is still after them because we have already dismissed them.."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "With patience? You don't find a beasts tracks put putting your snout to their hooves."
Hugo: "No, but, if the end goal is to find the beast anyway then who are we to look a gift hoof in the mouth?"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Or take a hoof in the mouth?"
Alex: To the fey: "Can you sweeten the deal? Sudura poses a more immediate threat to you than to us, and it's we who'd be taking the risk. You know what I want."
Thyrn: "Enough analogies. This is dangerous, but all that has been talked about is how dangerous it is to leave Sudura to fester. What way do you think the scales tip here?"
The Fey: "Follow this path, it leads away from the smoldering void in earth and home, you were warned of. Follow this path, and it leads you to a foe who shall stretch theri shadow far!"
Pierrot: "Well, there you are."
The Fey: "Deal?"
Alex: "I'm in favor." Alex looks to the rest.
The Fey: "Deal? Sweet? I can offer you honey from the screaming hives of the red gale. I can play dice with your inside and roal trumps with your teeth!"
Thyrn: "Hey- calm down a bit there."
Dominique: Wil...
Thyrn: "I am in favour, but largely because I see no better way to resolve this problem."
The Fey: " You summoned me back! Not mine the path of prudence and caution! Choose!"
Hurarn Thunderfell: "Simply leave. This place does not threaten, like the Armada that shall soon break on our shores."
Istahar: "He's just being theatrical, Thyrn. You ought to expect it from a king of the narrative realm."
Alex: Alex looks the thing in the lack-of-face. "You sit on your throne thanks to our magnanimity. That's not really how we should treat with each other."
Istahar: "I'd say it better to deal with Sudura now, rather than when he inevitably comes screaming back to the Prime to challenge us... but we ought not to overlook how battered we are, right now."
Dominique: "I don't think it can treat any other way."
The Fey: "My throne, my you, my Treats! Choose!"
Alex: "I'm just saying, if you give us a trick, you'll f- no, never mind."
elfDM: i will stress here
Alex: To the others: "Like I said, I want to go deeper."
Thyrn: "I do not know, Hurarn- this should not take long, and my next destination is Therhonen anyways."
elfDM: the deal he is offering isn't.. that muhc better than what you had. True, the Demense no longer burdens pierrot. and that is a big deal. but short term, you are still going out into the unknown
elfDM: the travel there will be shorter, but nto much less short
elfDM: and the risks you face at the end, much the same
Alex: the important thing is we have a shot at learning what we could've learned by keeping pierrot on the throne
elfDM: but you are in striking distance of the vamp, and you cna put him down this session, and he is a genuine long term big threat
Istahar: She sniffs in Thyrn's direction. "Famous last words, I'm told. We still haven't a clue what we'll be stumbling into."
elfDM: welll. . pierrot wuld earn many things on the throne. but true, you could get some idea of the threats out there then again. . you've met this fae many times and how much do you truly know about them? or any of this?
Pierrot: Not a damn thing tbh.
elfDM: also plz don't underestimate the threat sudura represents. as noted, the reason dominique even got the newer lands, and was given such lattitude by peopole like delhallah, as well as being badass, was that she was tracking a vampire lord. A. Singular, pretty regular if formidable vampire lord
elfDM: as noted, while the abyss is like a volcano or poison i the water, the udea can be like a plague, or a wildfire
elfDM: devouring entire nations in . . months? weeks?
Istahar: "Pierrot? Hugo? What're your thoughts? Forge on, or return to the Prime?"
Alex: honestly my read is that we can trust sudura not to be a threat to teh world for decades or centuries
Thyrn: Thyrn sniffs. What, did she smell something? "We do not, but that has not been that much of an impediment for us before."
Alex: of course alex does want to live centuries, so
elfDM: sure it might take him time orrr
elfDM: you might be in the endgame of the world
elfDM: in which case he'll have to get involved
elfDM: even if he doesn't want to
Hugo: Hugo shrugs. "It feels like we're damned if we do, damned if we don't. I certainly don't want to come back here later, that's for sure, so if nothing else finishing our business in this nightmare place sounds appealing."
Pierrot: well, given our levels, i bet we are.
Dominique: "That is a good point, Hugo."
Thyrn: "It has not seemed that nightmarish so far. Just.. strongly scented."
Hugo: "I figure it's important to be a bit overly dramatic here."
Alex: "This place is cool."
Istahar: "T'would seem we're in a majority to soldier on, then." She sighs as she stands, craning her neck towards the path that leads off into the hedge. "Shall we?"
Pierrot: "We're not soldiering on, we're venturing on."
Istahar: "I imagine this shall be the last moment we have for a while for preparations or messages back to the Spire, if you need to send any, Alex."
elfDM: yeah any toudhig base u wanna do, nows the time
Alex: Alex has no messages to send, but he does spend some time in mystic communication making sure that the Spire needs no decisions or metaphysical support from him. He sets up the usual contingencies in terms of who's in charge, who's in charge if calamity strikes, who's actually in charge in both cases, and so on.
Pierrot: what i want to do is make sure time hasn't slipped away from us and the fleet isnt alraedy there
Hugo: "I left pretty detailed instructions with my students before I left - namely, not to touch my stuff - so I think things are good on my end."
Thyrn: "If this ends up taking awhile, just tell the Khyrr I will be late, Hurarn. You can do sendings, right?"
elfDM: it looks like the spire is stable atm, there is some minor agrument taking place wiht some guests but nothing that can't be contained
Thyrn: yeah no digiverse stuff where there's time shifting
elfDM: yeah the portla is secure
elfDM: so you can tell that if anything, as noted, time is moving more slowly here
elfDM: or rather, faster here
elfDM: compared to there
Thyrn: brb rq
Alex: The last thing Alex wants to do, then, is pick Xaztaroth's brain as to the exact properties of the vision he had. Maybe even conjure an illusory diorama of it that everyone can observe.
elfDM: that may however, change as you travel, but you are pretyt sure you can keep a fix on it, much as conventional navigators can keep an eye on where the sun and stars rest in the sky
Xaztaroth: "I shall do as you ask. Beware, this vision is only what i saw from the prime- without the Throne of this demense as a vantage point, it's clear my hopes of a better seeing were in vain."
Xaztaroth: He works with Alex to conjure his recollections.
Pierrot: "Yes, they were."
Alex: "We'll take care of that ourselves, hopefully. Let's see, connect this to this to-"
Thyrn: back
The vision is of the grounds around the Tower and Academy. A view of the prime place that also peers down into the shadowfell, from a perspective wherin it can reveal hints of the future decay and death of the land.
The vision is simple- where lies the academy and tower in the living world, in the world of the dead lies nothing but a smoldering crater, large enough to swallow a mountain, and seething with power as if subjected to some kind of massiv emystical event.
Little else can be seen- little else is there to be seen- but the impressions that reach you, even purely by vision, show further insights to those amongst your number with particular ares of esxpertese.
Alex: "Hmm... I probably wouldn't have blighted the future of the very terrain in the course of some kind of escape contingency. Let me think-"
Firstly, Dominique can tell that the vision is true- this is now Fear or Nightmare as often springs from the shadowfell, but a legitimate manifestation of the currents of enthropy in the region. While Dominique has mastery over such insights, even she is suprized by how readily she can connect to the vision- as if something about it resonates with smething with her nature.
Second, Istahar has seen things few others that yet exist has. Even in plain sight, such truths can be concealed to those who have not lived them. She can tell that the carnage you are seeing is the result, directly, or indirectly, of a Grand Conjuration- earthly forces calling fouth those from Beyond.
Third, as one who dweels in both worlds (despte his best efforts to avoid one), Pierrot can tell that this doom was not caused by Fae forces. . or at least nothing coming out of the Faewild. The Sage of Ruin is correct in that the Faewild may be the only safe harbor from such disaster. . but for that to be true rauses many questions.
Pierrot: "I bet we did it."
Dominique: "Hmm. This at least is a clue into what specific kind of prophecy it is. This arises from the Shadowfell's resonance with entropy - this future 'comes true' in the way that a pile of ash 'comes true' after a fire or curses tick into the world one moment at a time. Not a supernal command, not a manipulation of probability..."
Istahar: "Who amongst us would even attempt a Grand Conjuration?"
Fourth, Thyrn can tell little about the strange magics that are at play- they are beyond his skill with rituals. Casting his eyes further, he sees with dread, signs of another foe. Before this event occured, Demons came to the Academy, and in great numbers. He's sure of it.
Thyrn: "Haha, maybe it was me. I do find the subject fascinating after all!"
Alex: "Probably me."
Thyrn: Thyrn rubs his chin. "But how could Demons be involved? The human lands and the tower seem so far from anything to do with the Abyss... was it actually me?"
Alex: "Could be I, or someone, tries to summon something big to fight back against a demon invasion."
Alex: "And demons, I assume, get thrown at us by the Realm's Pelorites."
Dominique: "Some kind of containment loss, and Alex ends up feeling he needs to scrub the entire site?"
Hugo: "I'm pretty sure I wasn't involved, for what it's worth. It's too messy."
Thyrn: "Containment? Alex does not keep demons at the tower- it must be the Realm, then."
Fifth, Alex can tell with all confidence that he did not cause the great chasms that they are seeing- he simply lacks the raw power to do such a thing. As for the conjuration Istahar speaks of? It is currently beyond even his skill with the Art. Is this something he achieves? Perhaps. He can think of very few who could. But oddly enough, he's sure that is is a Conjuration- no a priests invocation, or a terestrial demon summoning. The grand conjuration that begins this disaster? A wizard did it.
Alex: "I feeeeeeel like this was either me or the Mal'derath."
Alex: "One of us must have been really pissed."
Pierrot: "Well, the Fey indicated that our path toward Sudura here might change this fate."
Pierrot: "Which at least leads one to speculate about what's injvolved."
Finally Hugo as usual, thinks he is out of his element when gazing at future visions. As if he would have any knowledge to bring to bear on such a matter? But with a jolt he realizes that the scene he sees, it all to familiar to him. For he feels, when seeing it, a sensation that he barely even recalls, from the last days he spent dwelling in his own timeline. A feeling of dread that comes from looking out over a world, and knowing that it's End is upon it.
Thyrn: "Maybe. He is the one who is into demons after all."
Thyrn: "But worry not, a new Mal'derath has taken his place, yes? Haha."
Hugo: "I don't think it was us. At least, not directly. It feels like something bigger."
Alex: can we tell if the grand conjuration that actually nuked everything was itself a demon
elfDM: the grand conjuration preceeds the 'nuking' of the site
elfDM: it's not clear how the two are related
Hugo: "Something, uhm, inevitable...? Like, a disaster or some sort."
Alex: but there's no direct sign of what was conjured
elfDM: you cna't tlel what was conjured becasue a, it seems oddly mixed, and b, a grand conjuration is by definition, "somebody tore a hole in reality, a big one" and even 'to where' is a bit of an understatement of the problem
Istahar: "...or a plan." She frowns, clutching the hilt of her sword.
Alex: it's the final days of creation, and you know what that means..... bring it in, guys
elfDM: all the einherjar come in for a big
elfDM: brb
Thyrn: "Well, this barely makes it clearer regarding our trip into the Feywild here."
Alex: "I'm pretty sure I don't want it to happen, though."
Thyrn: "Well, hopefully it will not. You will have time to work on it once we sort this out, I am sure."
Xaztaroth: "But my initial assesment was correct. The Faewild is the only place to seek shelter from such a calamity. . .which is deply disturbing, consdiering the vast multitudes of planes and lands you could access."
Alex: "Ideally, sorting this out'll head off the explosion as an incidental side effect. Wonder how, though."
Thyrn: "Well. Maybe ask Mister Fey here for a piece of his domain to inhabit."
The Fey: "Walk the path and every skip skip skip takes you further from the void in the earth where stands your hearth and home!"
Thyrn: "Well that either means this helps us solve it or we are just moving physically further from the disaster site."
Pierrot: "Gotta love it."
Istahar: "No way of knowing, unfortunately." She pulls her sword free from its scabbard as it sings into the open air. "Shall we? Sudura shan't wait for us forever."
The Fey: A finger wags at Thyrn. "Ehehheheeehhh. . Every step down the path, fades the moment where the dark hole comes true., . "
The Fey: A finger wags at Thyrn. "Ehehheheeehhh. . Every step down the path, fades the moment where the dark hole comes true., . "
Alex: Alex waves his hand at the illusory cratered wasteland and rises out of a crouch. "I'm set."
Dominique: "Sure."
The Fey: "Then skip!"
Thyrn: Thyrn rubs his chin thoughtfully. "I can see multiple meanings for that one too, you know. Either way, I do not think you need to convince me any further."
The Fey: He gestures, and the grund comes alight with a soft golden glint.
Hugo: "Right, let's go."
elfDM: (i don't have sfx for it cause its meant to be subtel also im lazy)
Alex: tfw theres a good explanation but, additionally, youre lazy
The Fey: "Go fourth. . .brave heroes. . . in grandsire's house he lairs, putting her cauldron to such misuse! Beware. . he has such. . big. . teeth!"
Thyrn: "Okay." Thyrn adjusts his belt slightly and just.. walks into the thicket first. "Wonder what it will smell like in there."
elfDM: feekl known
Ilvular: "Wait-"
Hugo: "Hm?"
Istahar: "Hm?"
Ilvular: "Do you want us to follow you? Or hold the portal?"
Pierrot: Feel embraced, frankly.
Istahar: "Hold the portal. We're going to encounter one of the most dangerous men alive - technically - ahead."
Alex: "Just hold this base camp. Deep enough and you'll be liabilities."
Ilvular: "We can provide a force escort, and if things go wrong, aid in your retreat. But if we're here at the portal. . you'll be on your own."
Ilvular: "We are not- everyone here is willing to die for the cause. There's no telling what form the threat shall take?"
Thyrn: "I really do not want anyone getting in trouble for this- and I see Hurarn has already set himself at the appropriate distance, haha-"
Eredamarl: "It lies beond the Thicket of Thorns. How bad could it be?"
Pierrot: "Pretty bad."
Istahar: "If this goes south, they'll need every living body they can get on the other side of the portal - and that includes all of you. Save your blood for the real cause back on the Prime."
Pierrot: "But, don't let me stop you."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "As ever, we shall await your return. "
Alex: "I suppose this could double as a field test... but I'm loathe to spend my guards on something they might be categorically unable to grapple with. It's not like there isn't a more conventional war coming."
Thyrn: "You did hear what I said before, right? I do not want her to think I forgot or something."
Hurarn Thunderfell: "The ramparts are high, but a howl carries only so far. What has been said shall have to suffice."
Pierrot: "Oh, and say hi to Telenith. She'd have laughed really hard to see Delhallan."
Telenith: "My ears are burning!"
Thyrn: Thyrn tilts his head slightly. "..okay..?"
elfDM: alright, heading off?
elfDM: (i thoght you were talking about the khyrr)
Istahar: let's Head Off
Thyrn: yeah he was
Hugo: think we're g2g
elfDM: hurarn was saying 'there's only so muhc you can say once you're gone', aka once you're off ifghting at the ramparts
You follow the golden trail out into the feywild.
Thyrn: he just said to tell her where he was in case he's late..
The path takes you past the ruin where you faced Delhallan- a curious thing to find in such a world, an analogue to nothing in the prime, perhaps simply built here? But by whom? And how?
As you continue down the winding path, you begin to grasp an answer. . that only leads to more questions.
A cornerstone here. A trail marker there. And finally, emerging from the lush thing undergrownth. .
A road.
Not just any road.
A Highway.
A Highway, in the Faewild.
Alex: Alex taps his boot on the flagstones a few times. He recognize the make or style? Any of the statues?
Thyrn: Thyrn keeps sniffing at the air. "Hmm..."
It is crumbled and broken at first, but as you travel further it firms, gaining substance in physical and, perhaps metaphysical terms.
As the chaos of the Thicket of Thorns drops away, you find not a greater wilderness but. . a Metropolis
Hugo: "Hey, it's easier for walking." Hugo stomps his foot twice to punctuate himself.
Thyrn: "Fresh- but strong. Ugh." Thyrn rubs his nose with the back of his arm. "Stones are always hard on the pads."
Thyrn: "Still, better than a sharp rock or something."
Istahar: "Easier, perhaps, but no less disconcerting."
Pierrot: "I still think we could get you some sandals or something."
Alex: So is this visibly Realms architecture or what?
In ruins, certainly, by a city all the same. Sweeping towers of white and grey rise from a flat plain that emerges from the endless woodlands like an intruder. As you draw closer, you make out smaller buildings, with a common architecture on curves, curcles, arches, and organic shape. But this city is not one with nature. it stands apart from it, even as the untamed wilds beyond it strive, in vain it seems, to reclaim the land it rests on.
The Architecture is not of the Realm. It derives clearly from one culture and one culture alone.
Thyrn: Thyrn shrugs. "My feet should be fine. Do we have any way of tracking Sudura? A spell or something? I am not sure my conventional means of tracking will work that well.."
This is an Eladrin city
Thyrn: "Or maybe they will? That is the point of this place, yes? That interesting and romantic courses of action work well?"
Pierrot: "You don't see this very often. I mean, people like you don't even see this at all."
Hugo: "I'll have you know I've seen plenty of paved roads."
Alex: "Soooo are we just in the Blessed Realm, here?"
Istahar: "Looks like Sudura's chosen an appropriate enough locale for a confrontation. Or made it, as the case may be."
There's nothing mystical about the way Thyrn is tracking Sudura. He comes across his trail not long after asking that question, a combination of dead flesh and cloth that was once fine, but is now worn and, newly singed from his encounter with Istahar and Dominique.
Thyrn: "Oh, people like me, is it?"
Pierrot: "People who are not members of Eladrin noble houses."
Pierrot: "Or, you know, servants."
Likewise, Alex soon begins to assay the vampire in the distance, tracking his magics, and Dominique has had him in her sights all along. The Path has saved them time, and lead them to their quarry, but he lairs in a ciity that raises many questions.
Thyrn: "Oh, so I am not refined enough?" Thyrn ducks down and picks up the cloth, holding it to his nose for a second. "Mmm. Smells like dead flesh, must be him."
elfDM: You guys have seen this kiknd fo arcitecture in the past, for instance dom saw a lot of this style in avandra, where the Golem Think Tank was done in a similar style. this seems older and more purely eladrin.
Alex: Are there people visible?
Pierrot: Pierrot stares at Thyrn. "You're messing with me now."
elfDM: (picking up cloth is fine altho my intent was that thyrn has keen enough senses to simply detech the passing of such fabrics over nearby trees and the stones)
Thyrn: "Am I? Haha. Still, I can sort of smell his trail over the pine and the grass.. wonder what drew him here?"
The City appears empty, and abandoned, at least for some time. It's hard to tell how long, since it has not been reclaimed by the wilds. . but there are vectors of metaphysica at play there that make it had to tell how long ago this place was abandoned. . asssuming it was ever populated.
Thyrn: "Or maybe he just ran to this place out of habit."
Istahar: "Either way, I've the uncomfortable feeling we're now on someone else's home turf."
Alex: "Former home turf, maybe."
Hugo: "It's just bricks and trees though, we've fought in our fair share of places with those."
Istahar: "Not in this place, it isn't." She glances about warily.
Thyrn: "Eladrin love magic, and I doubt that dies with their mortal bodies. Probably more than just stone and wood here."
The statues that line the promenade are done in an understated style, near featureless with only the suggestion of identifying features- models smoothed out into ideal forms. Something about their nature sets an unease in Pierrot's heart, as if he's missing something about the philosophy that underlies the artistic expression.
Dominique: "I wonder if this place was created already abandoned...?"
Alex: Alex is on the lookout for warding magics and explosive runes and the like, both those that Sudura might have left and those that might animate these statues as guardians or something. He's not willing to do any archaeology immediately, though - he wants to track and face down the vampire first.
Dominique: Faceless statues are no trouble for Dominique, so long as no warning runes are chiseled into where their faces would be.
elfDM: Dominque has also seen stastues of faceless gods in the depths beneath the isles of the dead. But these formless forms seem to carry some other intent
Thyrn: "A shame he traveled mostly on this road... stone obviously does not hold tracks well. Still, preserved as he might be he still leaves a smell behind. I can try to lead us the right way through."
The city has a magic to it, but it's subtle, enduring, and seems to mainly be working to keep the faewild at bay.
Pierrot: "I don't like this place."
Istahar: "Neither do I. Let's finish our business quickly."
Alex: "So this is like - a colony, or a controlled habitat. Buffered against raw faerie. Could be usable as a refuge if we actually do need to flee the prime material."
Hugo: "Well I was alright with it until you made it creepy."
Thyrn: "Seems mostly normal to me.. I do like the trees and the grass. Reminds me of our own gardens, but different."
Thyrn: "And I do adore gardens. Very peaceful places."
Sure enough the trail intensifies, and it's almost a race to see who will find the vampire first. But in the end, they all triangulate, on a small cluser of towers, residing in a wetlands, at the point where the city touches a river that runs nearby.
Hugo: "Conspicuous."
Dominique: Dominique squints through gaps in the stonework. "Spiders... blood... ruin?"
Thyrn: The smell of murk and decaying leaves almost instantly replaces the grasses, pines, and manicured waters of the various gardens. "Ugh. It reminds me of a swamp, except it is extremely small."
Thyrn: "The trees here.. it is like it shifted to the dry season suddenly."
You can tell that this place was beautiful once, as was much of your surrounds. But, unlike the rest of the city, here there is a sense of corruption. The water that was once a clear pond fed by ingenuous devices, is now contaminated, the plumbing barely clearing the pollutants rapidly enough to keep the pool from drying out. Trees along the roadway have wilted, and garish symbols can be glimpsed here and there- signs fo black magic.
Two smaller domes flank a central one. They are empty, you're sure. It is within the larger structure, that your quarry resides.
elfDM: ok guys you have a Decision to make
elfDM: your have him, he's in there, but there's some prep you can do
elfDM: you could Interdict the area against planar movement. this would oprevent him from using the full extend of his shadowstep ability, limiting him to short leaps.
elfDM: however, doing so. . is likely to draw attenion
elfDM: a fight, is liekly to do that too
elfDM: but an interdiction will hasten the sweep of Gods knows what Gazes down upon you
elfDM: the alternative however is that he will be very hard to pin down
Hugo: im not entirely clear what you mean, do you mean he'll notice us if we try to prep?
Thyrn: How about I go in alone and tell him if he lets me kill him that's it, but everyone else will do creepy shit like trap his soul in a cigarette and then smoke it in a ravenite temple of whatever the religious orders of the Realm do. So it's best to let me just end his cycle naturally.
elfDM: you also have two options within tha option- you can cancel his ability to do the long teleport- or just bind him within this area
elfDM: not him no
elfDM: if he knows you're here, he already knows
elfDM: i'm talking about you bieng noticed by Other Things
Pierrot: thyrn makes a good point
elfDM: yes, let thyrn end his cycle. . 'naaturally'
Pierrot: no no wait ive got it. promise him that ... and then sever and annihilate his soul
Thyrn: Sike nigga, you thought.
Hugo: well i feel like a lot of our group is highly mobile, or ranged
Hugo: while im not fully clear on the consequences of being noticed i think we can play around his teleportation?
Alex: the interdiction wouldn't interfere with us right
elfDM: im talking aout this power here:
Alex: his teleporation lets him leap like 20 or some stupid distance so long as it's out of our los
Alex: and there's a lot of los blockers here
Sudura of Xols:
  Shadow Step  
 The Count of Xols long ago rejected his fey birthright, seeing the void and its wonders as the true path to life eternal. Even here in the blessed lands he can step into the shadows with ease.
Effect: Teleport up to 6 OR up to 20* to any square the PCs do not have line of sight on. (*They lose this option if the heroes place a binding abduration around the area).
Pierrot: yeah
Pierrot: his teleportation honestly would be an INSANEly annoying factor
Pierrot: particularly if he has traps set up
elfDM: yup
Hugo: let's just spread out so everything is in los to someone
Dominique: yeah i'm agin' him getting to do that
Sudura of Xols: Recharge: Rolled 2 vs. 3, and Shadow Step cannot be used this turn.
Thyrn: "Hey so- I heard the slave orders to the gods can bless weaponry against the undead. Can you do that too?"
Sudura of Xols: Recharge: Rolled 3 vs. 3, and Shadow Step has been recharged!
Thyrn: just put up sight wards everywhere
Dominique: jungle thyrn
Dominique: "You are already blessed against the undead."
Istahar: anyways, i am for the interdiction
elfDM: ok well flavor putting p that interdiction
Alex: if our sub options are "cancel his long teleport" and "bind him within this area"
elfDM: a joint work between alex and dom should do it
Alex: does that mean that if we cancel the long teleport he can still like, physically run off the edge of the map
elfDM: bnd still means you gott chase him around
elfDM: ill levle wiht you, he's not running
Thyrn: "Is that in the sense that you are around?"
elfDM: you've got him cornerned more or less
elfDM: and from the look of this place. . you doubt he exactly has the run of the city
elfDM: he seems more to be hiding here
Alex: in that case i'm confused as to what "bind him within this area" does
Alex: if it still allows him to do teh long 'port
elfDM: it doens't do much but it means if he can't do whay he did last time
elfDM: which was rabbit out after half of you are down
Thyrn: it prevents Escape
Alex: but if he's not escaping anyway...?
elfDM: he's not running
elfDM: From You.
Alex: mm.
elfDM: ill levle a bit more
Istahar: my vote's still for the interdiction and then rearranging the face of whatever weird fae thing might come
Dominique: "That, and you can already rend steel and dark magic with your swords and bare hands, shrug off deathbolts that would kill ten lesser men."
elfDM: there's going to bea countdown to the fight
elfDM: after that countdown. . thigns happen
Dominique: oh fyi i dont have to leave early it turns out
elfDM: oh yay
elfDM: how is everoyne for time then
Istahar: about two hours here
Thyrn: ice cream meter full
Alex: his normal movement speed was just like 6, right?
Alex: i think it's better to disable the superport and rely on our ability to run him down normally if things shake out that way
elfDM: speed 6, teleport 6
elfDM: the otehr option is jsut not as good, but it is also 'quieter'
elfDM: basically it;d get you another round to work with
Hugo: i agree
Alex: how many rounds have we in either instance
elfDM: you'renot exactly sure. . since you can't see antyhing coming. . yet
elfDM: but you know you can buy a little time in the combat if you have to
elfDM: and you won't have long either wau
Alex: well, we should either cut off the teleport or not bother with either, imo
Istahar: let's cut off the teleport, imo
elfDM: so opiting for all?
Dominique: agreed
Alex: i'm kiiind of leaning towards the latter, on the basis of there only being one of him and six of us
Alex: we win that, eventually
Istahar: because if there's one thing team dragonslayer is good at, it's bumrushing a single target to death
Istahar: i assume there's a time limit regardles of the option we pick, right
elfDM: it oyl taked him getting out from your lockdown once for him to get real annoying if he can still megaport
Istahar: or don't pick, as the case may be
elfDM: yes
Thyrn: "Well, in case this alerts him you should let me get a bit closer into position.."
Alex: "So you're all behind the lockdown? It's dangerous, but I have to admit that I really want to see what it is that'll come knocking."
Hugo: "I absolutely do not, but I feel it's still our best course."
Istahar: "I am. Our best bet for dealing with him is to take him out as quickly as possible. We cannot win a war of attrition against him."
Hugo: "It'd be a huge waste of time to have come out here with nothing to show for it."
Thyrn: "I.. do not really want to, but him getting away will only cause us to have to keep walking deeper."
Alex: "I think we can, but it would be incredible unpleasant - possibly deadly if anything else awaits us here."
elfDM: ok then, thyrn and hugo, take a move in if you want, dom and alex, flavour that interdiction
Istahar: can i also take An Move in
elfDM: thyrn and hugo are pretty stealthy, but you can stomp on up if you wanna
Istahar: ah, okay
Thyrn: is he in the middle one?
Thyrn: I assume so
Istahar: if it's a stealth thing i'm just gonna hang back here for the moment, then
elfDM: yeah
elfDM: he's across the birdge in the main dome
elfDM: the other two are empty
Alex: "Alright, Dominique, I'm thinking that we take every shadow in a wide radius and either rob or outright invert their metaphysical significance. Rather than representatives of death and decay receptive to Sudura's dark influences, they'll be totally meaningless accidents of optics."
Hugo: Hugo offers Thyrn a silent signal, a hand gesture telling him to move ahead as he takes a rear position on the bridge.
Thyrn: Thyrn nods, and creeps along low near the edge, using a hand now and then to cushion his footfalls. He undoes the straps on his scabbards as he gets close to the door, and looks back towards Alex for the signal.
Ahead of the two, the main entrance looms. A statue in the now familiar style stands, distinct only due to a head of hair and perhaps, slightly less erasure of features. On the floor an arcane glyph has bene disfigured by blood- while most would use the blood of a sacrifice, here the Count of Xols has used his own, it's potency as an arcane reaget far beyond that of most hapless victims.
elfDM: 'its potency'
Pierrot: it IS potency.
Hugo: ./nod
Thyrn: From what Thyrn knows of Powerful Blood, that's some pretty bad shit just up ahead.
Hugo: He maintains his composure, but an astute viewer would notice that some of the color has washed out of Hugo's face upon seeing the rune.
Dominique: "Difficult... nothing is truly meaningless here. But I agree that is probably our best course."
Alex: With Dominique's existting authority to lean on, the work of magic is done in mere moments. A thin white circle loops itself around the entire complex ahead of the party, a few sparkles fall like snowflakes from somewhere above, and all of a sudden the sinister shadows pooling in the corners and crannies visible just through the door seem... boring.
elfDM: well then give the shadows meaning you can use. . ?
elfDM: or that either weay is fine
Alex: "Bit easier than I thought. I guess this place is already primed to make sure there aren't any monsters under the bed."
Hugo: Hugo shoots Dom and Alex a "would you hurry up already?!" sort of glare, but remains silent.
The Lock is in. In the distance, Alex sense something.
Something sensing him.
But closer by far, is the Vampire, that waits within the dome ahead.
elfDM: ok everyone, take a mvoe action
Thyrn: Thyrn looks at Alex eagerly. Done?
Thyrn: hmm.. how far should I go
Thyrn: And should I symbolically scuff his shitty blood rune?
Pierrot: took a Run action, like a bau5
elfDM: you can take your time here, somehting has noticedyou, but it doesn't seem to be. . getting closer yet. probably when thefight breakd out, that will really get it's attention
elfDM: its attention yeesh
Thyrn: I have six more squares to move. So I shall move in a bit I guess
Hugo: i have one more so yeah i'll go up a bit
elfDM: sorry
elfDM: los cleared now
The passage curves both ways. Within, and for a whiole now, Thyrn can smell alchemical reagents, small fires, and other things he scents when near the labs of alchemists and the likes.
Thyrn: this is the extent of my 11
elfDM: ok. . .take another move action. .
Thyrn: Thyrn scuffs the rune as he walks his with his foot. No idea if it is still linked to another ritual or something- but just in case.
Pierrot: i go around this way
Thyrn: Thyrn takes it slowly, waiting for the others to close distance a bit.
Pierrot: can't let him do the ol Slip Giv
Thyrn: Or well, maybe not slow enough.
Hugo: ah, the kitchen
Istahar: She jaunts down the bridge, her wings carrying her silently before she lands with a soft click of her boots on stone.
Sudura of Xols: Within the lab, the vampire is intent on his work. Thyrn glimpses him before he stalks out of view to another table laden with strange devices.
elfDM: are domana lex moving
elfDM: or are they just gonna be out of position
Alex: probably best to hang out here
elfDM: everyone can tkae another moe but if you enter the room, he's srue to know you're here.. assuming he doesn't already
Alex: surely he didn't miss the teleport suppression
Istahar: i'll move up over here, but not further
elfDM: it's doubtful he missed it
Hugo: well we gotta get in there to do anything anyway thryn, so lets mosey
Thyrn: Thyrn signals to Pierrot with a thumbs up- and if the signal wasn't clear enough, he draws his swords and bursts into the room.
Hugo: Hugo hardly "bursts" but he makes his way in regardless.
Sudura of Xols: "Good morning."
Thyrn: "Hey."
Sudura of Xols: "I take it you're here to end my unnatural existance? Grant me the gift of final death? The.. . others may as well come in, I mean you're going to try and overwhelm me correct? No point in keeping them in reserve."
Thyrn: "Actually we are-" Wait, try the other approach first. "Listen, surrender now and I can make this simple. The others.. they will do things to ensure the destruction of your soul. Trust me on this."
Sudura of Xols: He steps to another table, setting aside the beakers he was working on.
Thyrn: "Like turn your soul into an anvil and use it to forge vampiric blades or something."
Sudura of Xols: "I am to trust you? As opposed to the Ravenite?"
Hugo: "For the record I have no intention of turning you into a magical bo-staff or sandals or whatever."
Alex: "We'll probably want to watch the outside just in case. I can hear you all fine."
Thyrn: "Seriously? You are, come on."
Sudura of Xols: "Were I the least bit inclined to surrender, i would surrender to her. You mark well the acrimony between us but she simply seeks to place me back in the cycle. Her 'path' or 'river' or whatever tem your find most favourable.
Pierrot: "I was just going to annihilate you with a bolt of lightning or something."
Thyrn: "Okay, so would you surrender to her, then?"
Thyrn: "If not I suppose I can make this weird somehow."
Sudura of Xols: "This of all places, and you're worried about me. Don't you understand where you are?"
Thyrn: "Uh, yeah? The feywild."
Hugo: "I understand that it smells like contraband herbs and shitty barbequeue and that I want to leave ASAP, so let's just do this."
Sudura of Xols: "Mortals. . tell stories about the Faewild. I dare say young alex has a soft spot for them. Talles of the madness of the true fae, the Thicket they reside in. The changelings, the circles they dance in, the mad choices they offer. . ."
Sudura of Xols: "A hedge of thorns. A mass of weaponized chaos. Try to push through it, and be caught and impaled. Try and navigate it, and be driven to distraction. But that's not the truth of this place. The thicket was exactly as intended- a defensive measure."
Sudura of Xols: "Fickle malice? Depraved Whim? Unknowable madness? Chaos given form? As if that was ever the real problem with the world."
Sudura of Xols: "You're through the Hedge Row. You're on the manor grounds, now. And here's where the true horror resides."
Sudura of Xols: "So leave. Turn around and run. I can hide here, you cannot. We do battle, they shall come.
Dominique: He has to come out sometime. There is a story Dominique recalls, long since deemed heretical, of a duke who banned sickness and death within the limits of his city, and swore to devote eternity to plumbing the depths of licentiousness....
Thyrn: "We came specifically because you are unable to not be a horrific monster apparently, and are a disaster waiting to happen. I am not afraid of what this place holds."
Sudura of Xols: "I have no intention of falling easily to aid in your escape. I shall punish you, to my last breath. I asked to be left alone. .. a simpe request."
Pierrot: "I am afraid of what this place holds."
Pierrot: "But that being said ..."
Thyrn: "The horrors of the feywild pale in comparison to the things I have seen, Sudura. Maybe I should show you them after I kill you."
Thyrn: "Spite has a price."
Sudura of Xols: "Wise. Pierrot knows. . or suspects, tha resides here. What becomes of those who are not cast out into the Thicket of Thorns."
Hugo: "I shouldn't even exist probably, you aren't going to shake my resolve just because of some children's fables."
Alex: "Well, go on. What?"
Sudura of Xols: "Hyra I am quite sure you would, if you had your way. . wether you intended to or not."
Sudura of Xols: "Thatr is my point. The Fables are. . .pleasant thigns compared to the truth."
Thyrn: "What do you mean?"
Istahar: Her blade begins to hum in earnest as Sudura speaks. The truth, at least, is something solid and tangible. The abstractness of the Feywild makes her skin itch.
elfDM: so nobody else is coming in? you can take another moe, altho anyone in the room movig closer to the vamp is going t be sarting combat if they do
Istahar: istahar is waiting in the hallway until combat starts
Alex: are there like, windows showing from the inner room to the outer grounds?
Istahar: as she's duly aware of the fact that sudura is a magic user with bursts and blasts
Thyrn: "Explain this 'intended to or not'."
Alex: seems like sudura's regular 'port could take him through those
Hugo: Hugo unlatches his staff. It's been a while, but he's pretty sure the extra reach the weapon affords would serve him well against a teleporter like Sudura.
Sudura of Xols: "Did you not even suspect? Where do you think an immortal would go if you cut them from life, as you would a demon? Where else could they possibly go?"
Pierrot: "Well, they go to the Blessed Realm, of course."
Pierrot: He turns his palm upwards.
elfDM: yeah there are windows
elfDM: basically check los
elfDM: you can see small slit windows
elfDM: viewing out into the ground
Alex: hmm... awkward. if we all cram in there he can hop out a window and only pierrot can follow at-will
Sudura of Xols: "Not with Thyrn as their ferryman, they don't."
elfDM: true, but, y\wtih you in this corridor you cna't reall counter that
elfDM: anyone outside the room
elfDM: fele free to reposition at will
elfDM: we'll assume you worked this tuff out ahed of time
Alex: that's why i'm thinking of like, going out to the grounds
Thyrn: "A kill with a sword is clean, Sudura. I make a point of not tampering with souls."
Istahar: i assume the windows are too narrow for, say, one of us to slip through
Pierrot: alex: im going to go out to the grounds *is ignoring Keep Of The Grass signs*
Dominique: i'm not thrilled at the prospect of splitting up
Sudura of Xols: "You made a point of wanting to tamper with Delhelans. To think had you had your way with him. . . the vendetta would only have begun,"
elfDM: dom could stay in doors
elfDM: and alex and istahar could flank
Pierrot: "My, you've been doing your homework on us. Wanting to be left alone indeed."
Thyrn: "That is because Delhallan refused to just die. I gave him a clean death and all he wanted to do was get revenge."
Istahar: i feel like i'll end up getting a lil clowned regardless of which area i stand in
Alex: "Yeah, guy could've kept his head down."
elfDM: dom will want to repositiuon anwyay since there she's jsut in a corridor wiht no los
Istahar: so i'll split the distance and stay here for the moment
Thyrn: "Do not tell me you will turn out the same."
Sudura of Xols: "I want what I want. And I knew we'd run into each other eventually. I had hoped to, through proxies. Imagine Deathwatch turning on the Realm! Alas, it was not to be. One more reason to slip the bonds of destiny and time."
Dominique: hrm
Pierrot: "I mean, we could all still turn around. Chalk this one up as a productive exchange of views and be on our way."
Sudura of Xols: "You resent him for wanting to live. Will your people 'just die' when the time comes?"
Thyrn: "But he WAS alive! He had an afterlife to do whatever he wanted and he turned it into spite!"
Sudura of Xols: "I agree- and we should. You don't want to meet them, Pierrot. It's not like the lessons we were given at Acadamy."
Thyrn: "And of course we will not. I am not here for sophistry-" Alex taught him that one "-from you. Rather, I am here to kill you."
Dominique: "Mmmm... no."
elfDM: note also the layout of windows
elfDM: he can port north kind easily
elfDM: mauybe alex should cover from there
elfDM: the hall ways block his escape south and SE and SW
elfDM: ugh i shoulda extended the map fo somethin
Istahar: if pierrot moves before sudura, he should move up to block LoS on the window
Istahar: imo
Hugo: What if Hugo just punched a hole in the wall we had LoS outside
Thyrn: "Damn it, we did not come here just to turn around!"
Thyrn: "What is it out there that you are so afraid of, Pierrot? You are not one for fear, not usually."
elfDM: this city is made of pretty tough stuff. you are going to have to keep the layout in mind for this right. i mean sure, Hugo Shattered The Unbreakable Shell, so he can probably pull it off in a pinch
Sudura of Xols: "He's afraid of what he does not know. And worse, what he suspects. And that is Wise."
Alex: oh i'd go farther up if i had another move
elfDM: anyone outside the room, feel free to reposition at will
elfDM: until you're heappy wiht your location
Alex: ill hang out here then
elfDM: looks good
Alex: istahar should take the opposite location or sth
Istahar: i guess he could get out if he took a double move action on his first turn
Pierrot: "As far as what I suspect - don't you think it's a little odd that Delhallan's the only dead member of my people we've met, or indeed even heard of?"
Istahar: but: if im in here, i can evac people twice as fast to the outdoors with angelic host
Pierrot: "Where do you think all the rest of 'em are? Well, I know what I think: I think they all live here. In places like this."
Istahar: so i'll move one over to the right and just sit tight
Thyrn: Thyrn's still waiting for a concrete signal, but he's clearly edging his feet into a position to spring forward. "I thought they lived in a paradise? A 'Blessed Realm'?"
Istahar: actually, if alex is standing in front of the window, will he block LoS?
Pierrot: "You said it yourself - this place is really nice." He smiles crookedly.
Istahar: like, directly in front of it
Alex: characters don't usually block los im afraid
Istahar: alas,
Alex: although i can literally use a daily to block los in a big blob if need be
Sudura of Xols: "Blessed indeed. Here our people recreate themselves to their own ideal. The fickle and indulgent, the spiteful, those who cannot let go- you have seen them. Met them. Slain them."
Thyrn: "Well the gardens are, yes. I quite liked them. I did not see anyone, though."
Thyrn: "So what, they turn into monstrous forms of spite, hatred, or indulgence? Am I supposed to be afraid of that?"
Sudura of Xols: "No. You already slew that."
Sudura of Xols: "That was Delhallan. He was the least of your worries."
Sudura of Xols: "Pierrot. Leave. Take them out of here. I won't bargain with you. I . . . . I can't."
Sudura of Xols: "But there need be no blood shed this day."
elfDM: istahar, you can join them in the mian room fi you wish
elfDM: no harm there, are you are a melee combatant
Pierrot: "I really do think we should go. I'm being serious, Dominique."
Istahar: not really, no
Istahar: she'll remain here for the moment
Alex: "Can we extract an assurance from Sudura that he'll avoid us? Curb his own condition somehow?"
Thyrn: Thyrn growls. "And back down when we are this far in?"
You whisper to dammitwho: this thing could turn a city in a week. and if the end times are coming, then it won't want a century to act- it won't have a century. it wil be racing to the end jsut like everyone else.
Thyrn: "Next time you face this thing I might not be there to help you."
Hugo: "Ditto."
Dominique: "He could turn a city in a week, and he doesn't have the time to avoid us. Nobody does."
Sudura of Xols: "There is no Geas you can place upon me. And I won't insult you with lies. I shall do whatever it takes. But I bear you no ill will."
Sudura of Xols: "That assumes we are all out of time. And if we're not. . we need never meet again."
Sudura of Xols: "If we are. . then why are we fighting? Give me my . . .. due, let me help to save.. whatever can be saved."
Alex: "Even if it were the end times, what would lead him to turn a city? To seek us out?"
elfDM: The same as everyone. if the world is ending, he'll need a lot of power, resources, he'll need to perhaps, make a play for a place of power. or just try and rain a whole city dry to have enoygh vitae to do whatever he plans.
Thyrn: Thyrn drops his stance, and just holds his swords at his sides like some kind of exhausted guardsman. "Damn it."
Dominique: "Power, resources... the same reasons anyone else would take a city. He'll need those in the days to come. Even he won't stoop to denying it."
Alex: "We can't actually pledge to leave each other alone, Sudura, you know this. So how can this be squared without a faceoff? How can your interests and ours actually align? It's very hard to see."
elfDM: he could claim the isles of the dead, or infiltrate the necropolis beneath faredale, or hunt down every blood relative no matter how distant, or try and hybridise every race, who knows
Sudura of Xols: "I agree. But factor in this place. What you don't know. Listen to Pierrot."
Alex: "Pierrot, are the ancient eladrin chimericists waiting in the wings here really, categorically, beyond us?"
Istahar: With no sounds of battle, she edges next to the doorway, peering in at Sudura from beneath a rigid brow. "I presume we've decided not to fight."
Sudura of Xols: "They shall arrive soon in any event. Your interdiction has made them curious, and this place already concerned them. The Wild Hunt shall race to us. It is only a matter of time before it sounds its horn."
Dominique: "It can't be 'squared without a faceoff', that's why he is stalling us right now."
Pierrot: "Well, I don't know. They're very, very, very old, though."
You whisper to Riidi: they're not chimericists this is a pure process. . .and where it leads. ..
Alex: "Plenty of things are very, very old, including my staff and your station. Are they likely to be happy to find Sudura skulking around? Are they even on the Realm's side in the coming war, formally? Do they give a shit?"
Sudura of Xols: "You cannot possibly anticipate them. And I shall not furnish you with trivia, or it does neither of us any favours for you to think you know what's coming."
Sudura of Xols: "I doubt they shall differntiate between us. Pierrot and I may be spared. .. in a manner of speaking."
Pierrot: "They certainly care about something. I'm not afraid because they're going to intervene on behalf of the REalm, I'm afraid because like ... what if they don't like people getting blood on their lawn?"
Hugo: "You're doing a good job creeping me out if that's your intention." Hugo relaxes his posture a bit.
Alex: "Well, you know what, we were bound to meet them sometime and the eyeless fey's assurances that walking down this path would head off the Academy's explosion wasn't an actual lie."
elfDM: brb
Thyrn: "Sudura must have something to do with that, honestly."
Alex: "If running headlong into a bunch of archfey's the price to keep my school standing, I'll pay it."
Sudura of Xols: "I would never destroy such a valuable place. You insult me."
Hugo: He ruffles his own hair and groans. "Damnit, this is so-- Why can't we just beat him?! Everything was so easy until now!"
Alex: "I'm not blaming you! But that's how causality shakes out."
Sudura of Xols: "You're assuming that you have pinned down the exact meaning of that creature's words?"
Sudura of Xols: "Has it occured to you that if this path leads to your death- it might easily also lead away from the specific fate you fear?"
Thyrn: "One of a thousand possible interpretations. His statements are meaningless at best, something to be assigned meaning after the fact."
Alex: "Yes, but since I'm not satisfied with the specific fate I fear I'm stuck rolling the dice. Or, at the very least, delving until I've fully understood the situation."
Thyrn: "Listen- Sudura. This is our best chance to kill you cleanly, and easily. "Wild hunt" or not, nothing you are saying is changing that reality. I mean, you said it to our faces- you will do what is necessary."
Thyrn: "And my answer stays the same: not on my watch. So is someone else here going to change either of these?"
Sudura of Xols: "A clean death? You think I could not engineer themf or myself if I wished to? I turned from that path long ago."
Sudura of Xols: "Make your choice. The hunt shall begin soon in any event. Leave now, and you may avoid them. . perhaps. They are very swift."
Alex: "We've got people working on a cure for vampirism back on our premises... if you wanted to be, you know, taken into custody and so on, we could probably arrange to not literally end your unlife on the spot." Alex pauses. "I mean obviously you're not interested but I had to mention it."
Thyrn: "Well I do not know, we spent SO much damn time talking to your stupid self that we might have very well robbed ourselves of that too!"
Sudura of Xols: "Then make your choice, and take your chances. I shall do the same."
Sudura of Xols: "If any of were the kind to dither endlessly, we would all be serving the Realm."
Thyrn: Thyrn gives the others an angry shrug, swords still in his hands. "Well?"
Pierrot: "Maybe it was just coming here and seeing that brought us further from that particular doom," says Pierrot lamely to Alex. He has to try.
Istahar: She's sheathed her sword by now, tapping her foot on the ground. Cogs spin behind her eyes.
Alex: Alex is ready to rumble.
Istahar: could istahar move across the floor of the room to talk to alex privately out the windowslit
elfDM: you can talk to gim from here
elfDM: via whisper
Alex: i assume we can arrange any kind of arcane long distance whispers
elfDM: or rather, Claytons Improved Whisper
Istahar: k
Hugo: "Like Thyrn said, it's now or never for the less immortality-inclined among us." He straightens his stance once more.
Istahar: "We may have a way out of this dilemma, but it's risky." She speaks silently, the words drifting across arcane winds to Alex's ears.
Thyrn: brb rq
Alex: "What're you thinking?"
Istahar: "He wasn't adverse to having a patron, if his service under Delhallan was any indication." She lets out a sigh. "What about... conditional employment in your faculty?"
Istahar: "We'll provide him with what's necessary for research, so long as it's not morally abhorrent. It'd let us keep him under strict watch, and he'd be free to tinker with his theorems."
elfDM: is dom in on this chat
elfDM: he's made very clear he wil brook no interference
Alex: "I mentioned something like that already, but he's got to know it'd mean a dramatic restriction of his freedom."
elfDM: he won't let yu take him into custody. i don't like stepping on player ideas, but he's Not That Kind of Vampire
Istahar: k
Alex: "I think he'd literally rather gamble on us dying or giving up here than swear to a dozen different geases and spend the next century living in a clean room."
Alex: "That's inconsistent with the dragon's liberty."
elfDM: also you're not clear on wethe he can evne be placed under geas. he's. . ..made a lot of augmentations
Istahar: "A pity. I don't like the prospect of us having to face whatever fae spirits reside here."
Alex: "To be honest with you... I really want to know what they're like."
elfDM: ok just chekcing
elfDM: howlong d sleepyfolks have
elfDM: and we should really reach a decision here
Istahar: "But as long as he is willing to stay out of our way and not interfere in our war against the Realm... I am fine with letting him go. And I say this as the only other member of our group besides Pierrot who'll likely have to clean up his mess after."
Dominique: "He's not going to agree to any of this."
Istahar: i have about an hour left
Alex: same
Pierrot: same
Thyrn: Wow.
Hugo: More than enough to kill anything that moves.
Dominique: "There is no 'agree to stay out of our way'! The world is quite literally running out of space and time."
Pierrot: *spins ice cream scoop* Sixty minutes. M ore than enough to blah blah blah
Hugo: "It's not pretty, trust me. I've seen it happen."
Istahar: "And if we all die here today, Dominique, there may not be anything after the last few sands tick out."
Istahar: "I know the rage he lights in you, but our deaths here could send the entire world spiraling into its final death. Are you willing to risk that?"
Sudura of Xols: He nods. "I think I understand, Priestess. What you truly fear. That my kind, might be the only thing that can survive that is to come. I have reason to believe that this is the case but. . I suppose you would prefer that it all simply End."
Thyrn: "This whole damn situation lights a rage in ME! You were all on the trail about this threat until we got here, and now you are turning on it again!"
Istahar: "Because I thought he was alone, Thyrn! If you marched an army over a hill and saw ten times the number you expected, would you order a charge?"
You whisper to dammitwho: leavinh him free could easily mess up your efforts to save the world.
Thyrn: "He IS alone! The fey here do not serve him, likely we could just throw him at them and make a break for it!"
Alex: "I'm with Thyrn. We always knew there'd be some awesome and terrible stuff this far from the world."
Alex: "It might be as bad as the worse thing we've seen thus far, or worse still, but it won't be worse than what's ultimately coming and we'd have to face up to it sooner or later anyway."
Thyrn: "If this is the worst thing I will have seen yet, it will be a relief to me frankly."
elfDM: i think everyone has said their bit. we should probaly do a vote or something in order to get some more stuff done tonight. i gear otherwise we will end up going in circles
elfDM: unles you guys wanna keep talkign that's coo too
Istahar: provisionally istahar has everyone's back regardless of their decision, but she's voting "high tail it out of here"
elfDM: but if we wanna take soem actions tonight thenw e should make the call
Pierrot: pierrot is in the same boat as istahar: he'll kill sudura if that's what the group does, but his vote is 'retreat'
Alex: so i think it's alex thyrn dominique in favor of fight, pierrot and istahar in favor of leave
Thyrn: thyrn's more on the side of fight than run, simply because we are already here and in danger
Alex: where's hugo fall
Hugo: hugo is sort of paralyzed because he's coming to the realization that he can't just beat his problems into submission, but mostly on the side of doing just that
elfDM: deciding vote hugo. . .??
elfDM: make the call. hugo. . in character!
Thyrn: does he go with growling dog or cautious lady
Hugo: Snarling Dog
elfDM: everyones doing that thing where they look at somebody to decide for thm
Pierrot: Hell, he could abstain and let the 3-2 carry it
Dominique: fiiiiiiiiiiiiight
Hugo: "We can deal with the world-ending catastrophe tomorrow - we have a mission here, so let's do it!"
Dominique: don't worry guys, when we've defeated sudura and he's on his last legs we can have this argument a fourth time,
elfDM: yeah maybe time to put this one to bed
Sudura of Xols: "I see you are decided. So be it-" He drops low and his hands wirl around him in a blur, casting complex battle magics at vampiriric speed!"
Dominique: actually, the coolest thing is virtue and fealty to the divine
elfDM: (he is cool, but, alas)
Thyrn: "EXACTLY!" Thyrn snaps back into his stance and charges in almost a blink of the eye. "YOU WILL REGERT NOT SURRENDERING!"
elfDM: (the back ground is what's cooler, continue the vapire lord, or meeting the Wild Hunt)
Hugo: if you think vampire lords are cool you should have thought of that when you rolled your character, where you could have assigned PC immunity to vampire genocide
Thyrn: regret
Thyrn: not REgert.
Alex: youre not allowed to use celerity to cast multiple spells per turn,
Pierrot: Aren't you?
Pierrot: *4 dimensional goban appears behind me like a Stand*
elfDM: aso i did the quotaiton amrk error
elfDM: so it loks liek he's narating varax style
elfDM: ok, so
Dominique: its called cheating, son. get used to it *vampire smokes Cool Weed Blunt*
Vermain says to the GMs:
Initiative: Istahar rolled 33.20.
count2 says to the GMs:
Initiative: Hugo rolled 35.26.
dammitwho says to the GMs:
Initiative: Dominique rolled 37.18.
elfDM: oh i should explain the rules
Riidi says to the GMs:
Initiative: Pierrot rolled 20.19.
Ferrinus says to the GMs:
Initiative: Alex rolled 38.25.
brennon says to the GMs:
Initiative: Thyrn rolled 26.24.
Pierrot: You orta explain the rulers
Thyrn: Hey. I narrated charging. Can my init be higher?
As battle is joined, in the distance you sense something. Alex's divinations detect it immediatly, but it is Pierrot who feels a thrill of unease and familiarity, roll down the back of his neck.
Hugo: fighter: "can i do something better if i roleplay it?"
Miles away, a call issues fourth. A soundless sound. A song sung silently.
The Horn of the Wild Hunt
Dominique: Hey, I have magic powers. Can my init be higher?
They care coming
Unknown command: " S". Try /help for a list of commands.
elfDM: so,
elfDM: you have three rounds to take this guy down
Dominique: !
Hugo: More than enough to ki*is immediately pulled off stage by a giant cane*
elfDM: at the start of the fourth round, the Wild Hunt shall arrive
Initiative: Sudura of Xols rolled 52.40.
elfDM: round 1!
Hugo: dang thats some high initiative
Thyrn: I will give it my all and everything then. None shall stand in Thyrn's path and survive. As it always shall be.
Sudura of Xols: The spellcasters were each prepared of course, with contingencies ready to fire. But Alex and Dominique are left in the dust as Count of Xols, as the combination of their prepared wards, and vampiric speed sees them casting spells before their foes have evne begun to move!
Pierrot: everyone looking at thyrn as he mutters that under his breath
Thyrn: School Shooter Thyrn
Alex: "That's bull-"
Sudura of Xols: But not just casting- moving. Sigils and arcs of necromatic power trail in the air behind him like fireflies as he blurs towards Pierrot with enough speed to give even the Lord of Lighting pause!
Sudura of Xols:
  Vampiric Might  
 A cerebral creature, he rarely employs his formidable might- but it works well to keep his foes at arms length.
Effect: Slide one target up to 4. When the count of Xols does a normal move, they can use Vampiric might once at any time in the move as a free action.
Sudura of Xols:
  Home Turf  
 The Count of Xols has had many lairs, and knows well how to defend them, and himself.
Effect: Whenever the Count force moves an opponent onto alchemical equipment, they suffer +10 ongoing damage of a type he determines.
Sudura of Xols: once as frre, once as minor
Sudura of Xols:
  Vampiric Might  
 A cerebral creature, he rarely employs his formidable might- but it works well to keep his foes at arms length.
Effect: Slide one target up to 4. When the count of Xols does a normal move, they can use Vampiric might once at any time in the move as a free action.
Sudura of Xols: Dominqiue and Pierrot go flying as the count sweeps them into the air and spins, hurling a bolt of necrotic power across the room!
Sudura of Xols:
  Home Turf  
 The Count of Xols has had many lairs, and knows well how to defend them, and himself.
Effect: Whenever the Count force moves an opponent onto alchemical equipment, they suffer +10 ongoing damage of a type he determines.
Hugo: "What--"
elfDM: Dominique and Pierrot slam into the table the Count was working on, and sure enough, it bursts into flames!
Thyrn: "Keep your eyes on the enemy, Hugo."
Sudura of Xols:
 A subtle bolt of blue-white light, the spell strikes with horrific power, sapping the life-force from its victim.
  Target: Pierrot      Rolled 33 vs. Fortitude    —    56 damage.  
Hit: and the target loses a healing surge, or the Count of Xols gains an action point.
Miss: Half Damage
Pierrot: "Bleah!"
Pierrot: Suffered 28 dmg.
HP: 131 / 166 — Surges: 11 / 15 — APs: 1 — Daily Items: 4
elfDM: and as a minor
Alex: can sudura spend more than one AP in an encounter?
Thyrn: Land every strike with killing intent. Always move the fight towards its end. Thyrn will never forget the advice.
Sudura of Xols:
  Necromantic Cantrip  
 All things are but a means to an end, and magic is no different. It can sserve in even the humblest of forms.
Effect: Deal 10 damage to one target. The target also takes any ongoing damage they are suffering from.
elfDM: dominique takes 10 untyped and 10 fire damage
Istahar: alright, alex, dom, and hugo: can you delay until after my turn
Istahar: i have some setup to do
Hugo: i can, sure
Alex: sure thing
elfDM: oh btw
elfDM: action point
You have no action points to spend.
elfDM: what the- he already spent his action point today?!!!?
elfDM: so be it.. turn over
Alex has received initiative.
Hugo: huehuehuehue
Dominique: Suffered 20 dmg.
HP: 114 / 134 — Surges: 7 / 11 — APs: 2 — Daily Items: 3
Pierrot: i presume sudura can spend more than one AP in an encounter but not, i hope, more than one per round
Hugo: > implying he'll get another turn
Thyrn: this
elfDM: make it count folks
elfDM: and remember
Sudura of Xols:
  Superior Being  
 The Count of Xols is an undead monstrosity. But to be fair, an extremely well constructed and resilient monstrosity.
Effect: Sudura is immune to Necrotic damage, Ongoing damage, Weakened, Dazed, and Stunned. They posess blindsight and tremorsense. They stand from prone as a free action, and can climb at full speed on walls and ceilings.
Alex: so yeah i think we're all delaying til istahar
Istahar has received initiative.
elfDM: brb
Istahar: *cracks knuckles*
  Angelic Host  
Effect: Each target gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn. In addition, you fly your speed + 2 and land, and as a free action, targeted allies can fly 8 squares and land, without provoking opportunity attacks.
Click to toggle Bonus (defense) on Selected Target(s)
Istahar: thyrn and hugo, put yourselves within charge range of sudura
Alex: hmm, no weakened dazed or stunned.. well i can think of something
Hugo: Thyrm!!!
  Second Wind (1)  
Effect: You may either spend a healing surge and regain HP equal to your surge value, or do not spend a healing surge and gain THP equal to your surge value.
Balance: You may choose to either gain +2 defenses until the start of your next turn, or gain +2 to attacks until the end of your next turn.
Click to toggle Bonus (attack) Bonus (defense) on Selected Target(s)
Istahar: gaining THP and the attack bonus
Thyrn: Get this: I'm always in charge range.
elfDM: make sure youall do the thing
Istahar: Gained 47 temp HP.
HP: 164 / 164 + 47 temp. — Surges: 8 / 17 — APs: 1 — Daily Items: 4
Istahar: alrighty, here goes nothing
  Gaze of Contempt  
  (7) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 54 vs. Fortitude    —    CRIT: 41 damage, plus 22 damage.  
Hit: The target takes a penalty to all defenses until the end of your next turn. The penalty equals your Charisma modifier (+5).
Click to toggle Penalty (defense) on Selected Target(s)
Alex: awww shit
Pierrot: Contem pt win.
Istahar: well, i'll take the crit
Hugo: the first of many, no doubt
Thyrn: Niceu Niceu, very naIceu Istahar-chan
elfDM: before i do the crit
Istahar: although it's a bit of a waste since no one is in basic attack range
elfDM: is thyrn gonna move at all
Alex: -5 to all defenses + thyrn's first turn = oh boy
Thyrn: should I be?
Istahar: yes
elfDM: hit obv
Istahar: you should be in charge range of sudura, because i'm gonna do this
Istahar: You have spent an action point.
Current APs:
Thyrn: I am, because I have speed 11
Suffered 63 dmg.
HP: 437 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
Hugo: hold up vermain i think a thing i shappening
Istahar: oh actually, sorry
elfDM: yeah i jsut weans't sure if you wanted to mvoe a bit anyway
Thyrn: here I'll be right next to you though
elfDM: nah we good
Thyrn: dog friendo
Istahar: forgot, thyrn be at the bot in front of me
Dominique: hugs
Hugo: At your side, m'lady.
Istahar: just like, one or two to my west of where i am now
Istahar: pretend i moved here instead of up above before, my range is still fine for the attack and the move i took
elfDM: np
Istahar: alrighty, that's good
Istahar: boots of caiphon to shift
Istahar: Suffered 6 dmg. Lost 0 HP and 6 temp HP.
HP: 164 / 164 + 41 temp. — Surges: 8 / 17 — APs: 0 — Daily Items: 4
  Champion's Charge  
Effect: Each target can charge or make a basic attack as a free action. Until the end of your next turn, each target gains a power bonus to all defenses equal to your Constitution modifier.
      Con Modifier: « ConBonus = 6 »  
Click to toggle Bonus (defense) on Selected Target(s)
Istahar: on myself, hugo, thyrn
Istahar: let me attack first
Hugo: k
elfDM: no doa race, jostlye to get past one another
elfDM: jk
  Rapidstrike Bracers  
Effect: Gain a +2 item bonus to initiative.
Special: Use this power when you would make a basic attack. Attack using a single-target, 1st-level, at-will attack power instead of a basic attack. This attack does not provoke an opportunity attack, even if it normally would.
  Silverflame Strike  
  (5) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 50 vs. Reflex    —    22 radiant damage.  
Hit: And one ally you can see gains a +2 power bonus to his or her next attack roll against the target.
      Second Damage Roll: 20  
Click to toggle Combat adv. (all) on Selected Target(s)
Istahar: i give the +2 bonus to thyrn
elfDM: hit
Thyrn: Alright.
Istahar: thyrn has a +9 to hit on the charge, hugo has a +7
Istahar: have fun
Suffered 22 dmg.
HP: 415 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
  Basic Attack (Melee)  
  (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 64 vs. AC    —    CRIT: 39 damage, plus 31 force damage.  
Click to toggle Mark:Black on Selected Target(s)
Thyrn: Niceu Niceu
Alex: booya
Pierrot: Naisu
Istahar: i just clapped my hands really loudly irl
Dominique: Hmm. Good.
  Basic Attack (Melee)  
  (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 46 vs. AC    —    22 damage.  
Hugo: no crit but hey
elfDM: any follow on from thyrn's crit
Thyrn: Gained 10 HP.
HP: 202 / 221 — Surges: 3 / 14 — APs: 2 — Daily Items: 4
Alex has received initiative.
Istahar: I've finished my turn.
Thyrn: My weapon heals me when I crit, also since I was just granted a basic in this turn no
Thyrn: as I understand our interpretation of the rules
Suffered 112 dmg.
HP: 303 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
elfDM: alexxx
Alex: okay, sec
Alex: i don't thiiink i need to go ham with wizard's fury or soething here, i'll just do this
Alex: view through the window
Pierrot: you should have told me that you had a burst 5 to give us an attack b/c then i could have used the other effect on your opening power to get in range of it!!
elfDM: rgr
Hugo: i intend on going ham, so plan accordingly
elfDM: wait can pierrot act
  13: Prismatic Burst : Standard, Area burst 2 within 20 squares, Target: Each creature in the burst  
  (6) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 34 vs. Will    —    33 radiant damage.  
Hit: The target is blinded until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Until the end of the target's next turn, creatures have partial concealment against the target.
Alex: aw cripes
Alex: i imagine 38 also misses his will
Hugo: he has -5 to all his defenses
elfDM: yup
Istahar: you should have an extra +2 to that
elfDM: ahhh. ..
Alex: oh true. does 34 or 38 hit that?
elfDM: +2 or +5?
Istahar: well, it's a total of +7
Istahar: the -5 defense and the CA that i granted
Alex: ah, good call. so, is his base will 40, or failing that, is it 44 or less
elfDM: that hits
Alex: nice!
Alex: that's all i got though
elfDM: wait
elfDM: his will is 41
Dominique has received initiative.
Alex: I've finished my turn.
elfDM: ia ssume you hit that
elfDM: yeah you hit 41
  Heroic Effort : No action, Personal  
Trigger: You miss with an attack or fail a saving throw.
Effect: You gain a +4 racial bonus to the attack roll or the saving throw.
Alex: i do now
Alex: oh wait i dont even need heroic effort for that
Alex: ill regain the power
elfDM: k
Istahar: She sweeps into the room as Sudura's hurls Dominique and Pierrot into his tables. It's just the sort of distraction she needs. Her blade trails behind her as she winds up and swings in a massive arc, a crescent of light sweeping out like a tidal wave and careening into the vampire's back. All of his protective wards, carefully calculated, crackle and die.
elfDM: he is blinded, but keep in mind, he also has tremorsense
Hugo: tremorstench, because he stinks!!
Alex: It's an obvious opener, and one that Xudura would have been perfectly ready for if not for Istahar's angelic aura. Alex skates to the side and lobs a glove of multicolored light through one of the arrow-slit like windows, blasting Xudura with one of the few debilities the vampire's still capable of suffering.
Suffered 33 dmg.
HP: 270 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
Istahar: Hugo and Thyrn aren't far behind her, ephemeral wings sending them screaming towards him.
Thyrn: Thyrn slams into Sudura with incredible force, following up his shoulder charge with an upwards arcing slash.
elfDM: dom take 10 fire dmg and then its your turn
Alex: ah the tremorsense. it's possible blinded offers no actual advatage for us
Istahar: if you've got any really good dailies or w/e left, now's the time to use them
Alex: i guess if we're far enough away + flying or something
Hugo: i intend on using a really good daily, do not worry
Istahar: unfortunately i can't hover until level 30
Istahar: alas
Dominique: heh heh
Dominique: Suffered 10 dmg.
HP: 104 / 134 — Surges: 7 / 11 — APs: 2 — Daily Items: 3
Dominique: alright, bless of magic caster
elfDM: i shoudla ported outside first thing but i didn't wanna be too annoying. .
  Holy Gauntlets  
Effect: Use this power to change the damage type dealt by your next divine power to radiant. On a hit, deal an extra 3d6 radiant damage. If the power doesn't normally deal damage, no extra damage is dealt. Also, you deal an extra 5 damage on successful attacks with the radiant keyword until the end of the encounter.
Reached Milestone: Instead, deal an extra 6 damage on successful attacks with the radiant keyword until the end of the encounter.
      You have spent a magic item daily power use.
Current uses: 2
  Rebuke Undead  
  (2) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 42 vs. Will    —    75 radiant damage.  
Hit: You push the target two squares.
Miss: Half damage.
  Holy Gauntlets Kicker  
      This attack does an additional « 3d6 = 7 » radiant damage.  
Istahar: that's one heck of a damage roll
Dominique: rebuke undead never got another balance pass >
Alex: one weird tip wizards DOESN'T want you to know
elfDM: wat the
elfDM: undeaddd
Istahar: tfw your enemy specialty appears
elfDM: hit
elfDM: pushem if you wanna
elfDM: total dmg?
Dominique: You have spent an action point.
Current APs:
Dominique: 82 total
elfDM: note, continue
Suffered 82 dmg.
HP: 188 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
Alex: i will always hate mike mearls for doing a balance pass on prismatic spray and, of all things, disintegrate
Hugo: same, but blade cascade
  Thunderous Oration  
  (4) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 50 vs. Fortitude    —    54 thunder damage.  
Hit: And the target is dazed and deafened until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: As the first action of your next turn, you can make the attack again as a free action.
elfDM: hittt
Sudura of Xols:
  Superior Being  
 The Count of Xols is an undead monstrosity. But to be fair, an extremely well constructed and resilient monstrosity.
Effect: Sudura is immune to Necrotic damage, Ongoing damage, Weakened, Dazed, and Stunned. They posess blindsight and tremorsense. They stand from prone as a free action, and can climb at full speed on walls and ceilings.
  God Fragment  
Effect: You slow all targets of the attack until the end of your next turn.
Click to toggle Slowed on Selected Target(s)
Suffered 54 dmg.
HP: 134 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
Dominique: eat SHIT
elfDM: does slow efect teleport?
Hugo has received initiative.
Dominique: i have no idear
Hugo: woooooo
Hugo: sec
Dominique: I've finished my turn.
Saving throw: Rolled 1.
Failure: Dominique remains with ongoing fire.
Dominique: lol rip
Thyrn: it says i have 2 ap.. but didn't i spend one last time? also we got a milestone?
Dominique: You're welcome, all, for me getting rid of that 1
Hugo: alright
Istahar: we got a milestone last sesh, yeah
Hugo: time to frag
Alex: slow would affect a power reading "teleport your Speed"
Istahar: hugo presses the limit break button
Alex: but it would not affect a power reading "teleport 6"
Alex: iiii'm NOT sure what happens if a creature has a "teleport speed" and is slowed, though
Hugo: mark him with Quarry:
Hugo: and
  Blade Cascade (1)  
  (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 47 vs. AC    —    29 damage.  
 (Sec.) (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 46 vs. AC    —    28 damage.  
 (Tert.) (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 55 vs. AC    —    32 damage.  
Special: Alternate main and off-hand weapon attacks until you miss or until you make five attacks. As soon as an attack misses, this power ends.
Thyrn: Thanks for sanitizing the roll table.
  Blade Cascade (2)  
  (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 56 vs. AC    —    35 damage.  
 (Sec.) (1) Sudura of Xols    Rolled 43 vs. AC    —    30 damage.  
Special: Alternate main and off-hand weapon attacks until you miss or until you make five attacks. As soon as an attack misses, this power ends.
Istahar: ooooohHHH baby!!!
Hugo: quarry damage:
elfDM: yeesh
  Hunter's Quarry  
      Quarry Damage: « 3d8 = 14 »  
Click to toggle Quarry:Green on Selected Target(s)
Hugo: that's 168
elfDM: he's dooownn
Pierrot: one Hudnred and Sixty Eight
Dominique: fuck all vampires forever
Suffered 168 dmg.
HP: -34 / 500 — Surges: 3 / 3 — APs: 0
Thyrn: Did I really not even get my turn
elfDM: not so fast
elfDM: remember who yo're daling with
Alex: lmao
elfDM: oh uh, i'm nt gonna reboot his hp or antyhing
elfDM: i was tmepted to but i feel it would be not in keeping with the spirit of things. . your problem is far more Vampirey
Thyrn: You exist in only one reality. I am not so limited. -- sudura rewinds time back to the start of the fight but with temporally displaced clones to repeat his actions
Istahar: quick, thyrn, get the stake *thyrn holds out a large slice of meat*
The Vampire Count collapses under Hugo's assault, colappsing to the ground before Thyrn can begin his assault. But he does not die.
After all, he is already dead. An undead of exceptional form, self created to resist all the threats that may face him.
Hugo: Hugo takes a deep breath. The Count goes down, but he could tell as his blows landed that the vampire was not mounting a true defense. He had other plans.
Having beted the Vampire, you no face a more difficult challenge-
Granting him final death
Alex: the coil of flesh..
With moments to spare, as in the distance, you can feel the Wild Hunt, thundering towards you, at extrordinary speed.
Pierrot: "Am I trying to find a coffin here?"
Dominique: chop his body up and have thyrn carry it out in a cardboard box
Dominique: leave it back in the prime material for the sun
Thyrn: Thyrn grits his teeth and growls in frustration. He feels a burning need to swing his swords, but there's no enemy left standing.
Alex: instead of granting him the final death we should have him power a generator or something
Sudura of Xols: He gaps and chokes as he falls. Laughing wetly. "It took me a century to create this form for myself."
Hugo: "There's a perfectly good stove in the middle of the room, how about a 5-second cremation?"
Dominique: "You should have spent your genius on better things."
Sudura of Xols: "You have thirty seconds to destroy it. . before they arrive."
Thyrn: So, in true form, he just takes a chunk out of a nearby pillar. Trust can handle it. "Long enough for me to cut your soul out of that bag of meat."
Sudura of Xols: His eyes close, and his face freezes in a defiant sneer.
Istahar: wootles
Alex: xudura of souls
Hugo: Asshole.
Istahar: gaze of contempt: it's pretty okay
Thyrn: I cannot believe I did not get to swing.
Istahar: you did, though
Alex: yeah, wow
Hugo: roll better initiative
elfDM: you are still in combat
Hugo: get some player skill
elfDM: you are literally stll taking combat actions
elfDM: next week will stil be in combat, and likely, thyrn will have to make the first move
elfDM: including the option of. . a certain mvoe he could mkae. .
Thyrn has received initiative.
Istahar: , unless hugo also wants to spend an AP
Hugo has received initiative.
Pierrot: he DID warn us that the ninefold cut might have some extreme negatiegv consequences here
elfDM: oh yo're right technically it's still hugos turn
Alex: granting xudura final death should require dealing him 1000 damage, also all his defenses are 1
Thyrn: lol
Alex: so thyrn just unleashes his entire rotation
Hugo: hugo does not intend on spending AP
Thyrn: We all sit down in IRC for like an hour spreadsheeting and simming the highest DPS
Hugo: not now, not ever
Dominique: Alex, I am concerned about this 'Global Cooldown', yes?
elfDM: yo can ltierally try and hack him to pieces, sjut kepe in mind, he's Vampire Plus
Dominique: anyway, good game all. time to take pictures of a cat due to brain parasite
elfDM: so thik it over, and next week you'll have two and a bit rounds to get it done before shit gets Wild
Istahar: i CAN keep my defense penalty going for another round
Hugo: yeah gg fam
elfDM: stop entjinig the brian paratise!!
Alex: no no my parse is great - for an ice mage
elfDM: it freaks me outtt
elfDM: sagving log
count2 is disconnected.
elfDM: riidi plz remember to give log to cbass
Istahar: gg, thanks again for running happy elf
Thyrn: alex is CLEARLY arcane if any spec
Alex: farewell;
Vermain is disconnected.
Ferrinus is disconnected.
Thyrn: saving a separate log just in case