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elfDM: ok so dwho is away due to family stuff
Serge: yep
elfDM: so we can do heaps and ehaps but we have a few things we can do
elfDM: including this talk
elfDM: also nice new token for serge
Serge: thank, the last one was always a temporary
elfDM: is everyone gtg
tom: yep
Empty Nest Heaven: yah
elfDM: pc up y'all
Arran: okay
Arran: dwhomst
Serge: void...
Edward: :I
elfDM: sec il check on steam
VoidTek: whups
Krakken: orks were drowning out the maptool ping but i. am here. now.
elfDM: ok, introing
elfDM: and remember folks, everyone gets a say here. there are no wrong ways to resolve this storywise, but also keep in mind, thr practical issues involved are real, and can't just be burushed aside
elfDM: introing
The lesser creatures that cower beneath our shadows, they know us by many names.
They know that we are kin, but they know also that we vary greatly.
They know that if they are to even glimpse us, everything about their brief pitiful lives will change.
Usually by becoming even shorter.
All of our kind are destructive. But we vary in the focus and form of our wrath.
Elemental power, tactical doctrine. .. . asthetic nuance.
Edward: glad to see nigirte managed to survive
Edward: sorry, Nagirte
The Reds are the Obliterators. They can melt a fortress, overpower wards, incinerate anything and everything
The Blue are the Thunderbolts. They drop from the sky and shatter they they fall upon, with lightning, ferocity, and elite troops.
We are called the Deathbringers.
We cannot disssolve a fortress, but we need not- when we breathe, everything within it dies.
We cannot shatter entire armies, but who would face us knowing what fate shall befall them?
We cannot lead as well as the Blues or Scheme as well as the greens, but who would ever dare betray us?
But then you come along. And death is no longer enough. A better breed of killers. Tiny a sharp like the tips of talons.
Speaker: gone, gone, choice or say; left, the devil, Nagirte
So my brothers fall. Death comes to the bringers of death.
Fortunatly, we are not all defined by the pigment of our scales.
I can bring death if I must. But I offer something else. .
Inix'Inara: "I bring life."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I do not."
Inix'Inara: Inix'Inara lounges on her golden perch. "I know. You're top of the food chain, now. But what shall you do when there is nothing left to eat?"
Inix'Inara: "You can't slay a famine, little raptor."
Serge: "It is, I will admit, a compelling argument." Serge, having discarded the sniveling mien of Milleflore, regards the great dragon properly.
Empty Nest Heaven: "Have you tried?"
Arran: "Well there are a lot of things we could do that do not involve slaying. A Miracle, if necessary."
Edward: The Regent rubs his chin in silence while the others make their cases.
Inix'Inara: "I have come closer to slaying hunger than any creature I am aware of. I have turned my gifts to the propogation of life- the fragile kind you yourselves champion."
Inix'Inara: "Miracles are expensive, Priest. Your New God is generous, but mine knows that there is a price to everything. . her generosity is miraculous, because of that."
Arran: "Tiamat lacks the vision to truly exercise the power she has; instead she squanders it on petty exercises of domination and false magnanimity."
Edward: Finally, he speaks: "You were the only one to take our offer seriously, and for that alone I think you deserve a reprieve. But..."
Edward: He turns to the draconian among them. "Opinions differ."
Krakken: "We have. Seen the life you bring. Hhrn. If they were here. Now. I wonder if they would. Thank you." he flexes his talons, then slowly clenches them as he tilts his head to the side. "But I realize I do not. Care. Much."
Inix'Inara: "Indeed? You stand here, and you still you do not understand. There would be no life here without the Queen. Or worse, no life not in chains of Hellmetal."
Arran: "But sate my curiosity for a moment: I will take for granted for the sake of this discussion that you are a necessary part of the chain of life here. Why is that? Is the flow of life in this place simply incomplete, is there something about the fundamental character of this world that will not hold life?"
Arran: "Or say I were to simply bring a greenhouse here, would things grow in my carefully curated environment? What if I brought a druid or some Melorans?"
Arran: In a slightly quieter voice, like he's making a joke to his fellows: "Although I'd prefer the latter. Hah."
Serge: "Hold a moment, Arran. Nothing here comes without some kind of price."
Inix'Inara: "You care not, Hound? Even with the Power of the heart that beats within you?"
Serge: "And you're offering us a relative bargain, so it would seem. If we retain your services, and life in this city goes on. But... what's in it for you? What do you get out of keeping this city going, in the service of we who would defy your Queen?"
Serge: "And... what price the Priest's answers?"
elfDM: ill get to arran and serge but i wanna ehar from void before i do
Krakken: "You are asking it questions. Entertaining it's bargains. As if it would. Tell you truth." he bares his teeth and slashes the air with one hand, taking a step forward defiantly. "You have seen all that their kind will. Offer. And no, worm. What have I left. Here? To care about? This power? Hrrn. It will burn me. But not before it burns you and. Yours."
Inix'Inara: "The power within you has Burnt my kind since the dawn of time. After all, the powr within you us Ours."
Inix'Inara: "The power within you has Burnt my kind since the dawn of time. After all, the powr within you is Ours."
Arran: Lies have a hard time finding stable ground around Arran, or at least he continually says as much.
Krakken: He points toward the devil at the dragon's side. "And as if they were not enough. Those schemers. Hrrn. Always just behind them."
Inix'Inara: "And we both know that your fragile vessle shall shatter long before you can hurl enough hate at our Race to extinguish it."
Edward: "This is something I have been contemplating for quite some time."
Inix'Inara: "So what is your purpose, Hound? What do you want? Before you are spent?"
Edward: "Are there some peoples who are simply born into evil, such that all of their race are poisoned with it?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "Some? No."
Empty Nest Heaven: "All."
Arran: "Both Doctrine and my personal experience would point to no- dragons are all burdened with unsightly Pride due to their long life and natural levels of strength, but there are... tales, at least, of those who have risen above such to demonstrate themselves as noble souls."
Inix'Inara: "Indeed Priest. One such creature may even stand before you. Or beside you."
Serge: Heh.
Arran: Arran nods. "Indeed, but that does remain to be seen."
Krakken: "What I want? Hrrn. The truth I offer has never. Changed. Everything that I. Am. That I have." he thumps his chest, where the fiery core of his heart blazes green at the center of his harness. " I will burn to ash. If it means taking you and your. Gods with me."
Arran: "Redemption is always there for those who would seek it, just as the fires of justice are there for those who would not. As it always has been, as it always shall be."
Edward: "Then I feel that we cannot dismiss Inix'Inara's plea without an inquisition of some sort to investigate the matter, even an informal one."
Krakken: "I feel. Otherwise."
Edward: "Certainly this creature deserves the same dispensation I was afforded."
Inix'Inara: "Everything you have. . . you were Given, by a creature not unlike myself. In fact uneless I miss my guess, there is something of each of our kin within you- within the heart you foollishly think of as you own."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I stand amenable to mortal justice. If it fails, I will be there to deliver Heaven's."
Serge: (brb sec)
Krakken: "Given. Stolen. Hrrn. They will regret it. Either way."
Edward: Edward shifts in his armor, clearly uncomfortable. "There is another point worth making."
Inix'Inara: "So, there we have it. The Krakken wants to wage war on the Gods. On my Goddess. On Edward's Goddess."
Edward: "If we are to slay Inix'Inara- just as we would any of the servants of Tia-Mammon.."
Edward: "If we were to do so, if we were to hunt the wyrm-queen to the ends of creation.."
Edward: "And slaughter them, what would be left?"
Krakken: "Us."
Inix'Inara: "The Seven, would be left."
Edward: "Would the world suffer for this loss? Even a little?"
Inix'Inara: "The Sky Tyrants. The Masters of the Realm who's armis even now swarm againt your homelands."
Edward: "We would be destroying an entire people, more or less."
Arran: "Hmph. You overrate your importance if you think your presence is the true stopping block for the greater machinations of the heavens."
Krakken: "They have already destroyed those people! A slow death is. Still death all the same!"
Arran: "Yes, Edward. Even if we think they are evil we ought to give the ones willing to change their ways at least a guarded chance at changing their spirit. A genuine attempt."
Inix'Inara: "I assure you they were dying far more swiftly before we took them under our wing."
Arran: "They can make amends for their crimes if their convictions are sincere, in fact they would do so without encouragement if they truly have changed heart."
Speaker: i'm from prowmeet and i say kill 'em all
Serge: "If we cannot come to terms… cannot find a solution—then we must find some way to make a haven for the Veroon. Those we can save."
Serge: An unpleasant thought bubbles up. Weren't you the one who stood in front of an army and told an entire people to get on ships and sail into the unknown?
Krakken: "All any of you have to do is step. Outside this room. You will see. For yourselves. What their gift is. Their sincerity. Our entire history lies broken. And crumbling beneath our feet."
Arran: "Okay, and you want to kill this one for that, right?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "I want to kill this one because it seems difficult."
Arran: Arran waves a hand. "Bad reason, please."
Serge: "Dammit, this is why this place is Hell. It's going to set all of us against each other—"
Krakken: "Not this one. All of them."
Arran: "Serge, I view this as an educational moment on the dangers of perpetuating violence when another option is present."
Arran: "If we scour them from all creation we have not gained as much as redeeming the few we can and purging those that cling to wickedness. We have not made the world as good as we could have."
Arran: "This is the sort of vision I said that Tiamat lacks. You should be careful making the same mistake."
Serge: "You can stand there and say that—She's right about pride."
Krakken: "And how do you. Know that? Hrrn? In the face of all you have seen? Of the entire history of this world?"
Inix'Inara: "You speak of a history you do not understand. Which takes us back to the Priests initial query."
Edward: "What if the future could be different," remarks Edward.
Krakken: "I know a way it could."
Inix'Inara: "For you mock my Godess for doing the very thing you claim to do. Preserving what can be preserved. Redeeming what can be redeemed."
Empty Nest Heaven: "Sophistry."
Inix'Inara: "Substance. Look around you. There is a city where there should be None."
Empty Nest Heaven: "This is true of all places with cities."
Arran: "You should get a Meloran and Erathian together and say that."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I have."
Arran: "A being of your stature wouldn't bear such a base misunderstanding of Tiamat, so I'll pin your defense of her on Pride, your weightiest sin. It is clearly evident that there was no redeeming in her mind, and the things she has sought to preserve are the things that serve her whims, her desires."
Arran: "Like really? You're too used to dealing with the humans you have beaten down and abused, it seems."
Inix'Inara: "Indeed? And how do her whims differ from your ethics?"
Inix'Inara: "She has created this city. What have you done?"
Arran: "I'm not here to answer your questions, lest you forget why we came."
Arran: "Haha, oh- well, one thing I have done is what we're talking about right now."
Arran: "How about that?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "Conquered it."
Inix'Inara: "Indeed? Was it you who Redeemed the Black Regent? Oh no, it was you who sniped from the sidelines."
Edward: Edward smirks at that.
Inix'Inara: "It was She who supported Stormpoint these many years."
Arran: "Am I supposed to be hurt by that?" Arran touches a hand to his chest. "Attacking hubris would be the weapon of one steeped in it I suppose."
Inix'Inara: "You speak of Redemption but you do not see Her Role in it."
Edward: "Her aid has been essential, but it has come with a cost that we now find intolerable."
Edward: "So we seek to re-define."
Arran: "That she has a role does not mean it is a good or necessary one, regardless of what order you think you have created in this blasted place."
Inix'Inara: "You seek to Reinvent. To revise. You call me a Sophist. You accuse me of Pride!"
Arran: "I am above accusations. Pride swells in your heart with every defiant act you can bring against us, even in this very conversation!"
Arran: "Examine yourself!"
Krakken: "Then let her make her case. When we stand. Before her."
Serge: If there was ever a hope of mutual negotiation to be worked out here, it's been shot through to hell. No pun intended.
Inix'Inara: "You use your Conquest as proof of righteousness? You accuse me of pride, as you imperiously Rise Above these Earthyl concerns?""
Empty Nest Heaven: "I accuse you of nothing but loudness."
You whisper to cbass: is it beyond hope? or could serge work out a deal. . .. ?
Arran: "You're playing a guessing game about me, but you're guessing wrong."
Inix'Inara: "You Shriek and Conquer and little else, Little Raptor. If I did not know better i'd expect you to Breathe Frost."
Empty Nest Heaven: "What else need I do, oh great iguana?"
Krakken: He takes a moment to eye the others, glancing over his shoulder with slitted eyes. Who can he count on here, when he gets tired of letting them argue? Empty seems likely, if only for the chance at murder. But the others? Too much talk of redemption and chances to be sure.
Inix'Inara: "Look in the Mirror."
Arran: "Enough of this!" Arran sweeps a hand forward. Nothing happens, it's just a gesture after all "These barbs aren't getting us anywhere. Let us all show a little humility here and treat with respect, alright?"
Arran: "We're here for a reason, and that's to work for the betterment of this place."
Serge: "Krakken. Are there any assurances you would accept from one of dragonkind? Any you could accept?"
Empty Nest Heaven: Empty Nest Heaven will back Krakken's play, if that's what it comes to.
Empty Nest Heaven: Long odds, but he's cut apart longer.
Krakken: "Hrrrn. From this one?" he eyes it sidelong, weighing how much he can really push for here. he can hardly murder all of the dragons on his own. "To leave. Forever. Let them go back where they. Came from. All that time ago." yeah, he said it. "But Her? Hrrnn, there is only one thing from her I will ever. Accept."
Inix'Inara: "You want me to leave? Back to where I came from? Hound do you have the slightest conception of where that was? And where it now resides?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "You misunderstand him."
Empty Nest Heaven: "He merely doesn't care."
Inix'Inara: "Perhaps. But the others may. I shall speak then of the Past."
Krakken: He bares his teeth again in a sort of grin at Empty's words. "But I am sure it will. Tell us. If we let it."
Arran: "Killing her isn't a very compelling offer, Krakken. I fear in your anger you'd be willing to hurt many more just to see her dead. Even if she has done evil things, that is not justice. That is just vengeance."
Krakken: "Hrrn. I have never claimed. Otherwise."
Serge: "No, I actually want to know. Where they came from and why they were driven to a place of such depreivation. This is hardly the imperial residence of a goddess, after all."
Edward: "If we cannot make a unanimous decision.. there is precedent for dissent against the majority. Should we take the matter to a simple vote?"
elfDM: do't u wanna hear some backstory before a vote
Arran: "Listen, I understand that you have suffered, and that I will never really understand what you have gone through; but just because you have suffered does not mean everyone else here should so that you can avenge your pain. What you seek is evil, and it will lead only to ruin. Trust me on this."
Arran: I do. Answer my damn question.
elfDM: had to circle around to it
Speaker: it is a fool of a fool who does not exhaust the dialogue tree
Edward: edward is just bringing up procedure!!
Edward: we have ways of dealing with this.we're basically elfgame's supreme court
Edward: except with less stupid ways of admitting new members
Serge: in full ooc disclosure serge is actually leaning towards "nope, we probably can't do this and will have to go another way" but he's gonna keep clinging to that straw a little bit longer
Arran: elfgame's supreme dolt more like it. what seal will these BUFFOONS break next!?
Serge: ^^
Inix'Inara: "We came from another world. The Veroon came from the same. It was destroyed by your Sky Tyrants. Used horribly and then discarded. Banished and Exiled in ways beyond knowing. In the aftermath, we flung ourselves across the Emptiness."
Inix'Inara: "One god was left behing. Three Gods were with us. And when we came to this red planet, one more we found there."
Inix'Inara: "It was to be war. The Three- Exhausted from the labors of carrying life between worlds- against a single Deity, rested since the Great Treachery that had brought us here. The Strongest of the Gods."
Arran: Fits with some of the 'heretical' texts.. sort of...
Inix'Inara: "Who had laboured as we fled, on building here, a new world. Hewn from the stuff os creation, gathered from the Foundry, spread upon the Bones of the Comos still slick with blood, and shaped into a world."
Krakken: "Because I have suffered? Hrrrrnnyes, this is about me. But do you still doubt. Really. That ridding this world of this....Tyranny would not benefit the people you have. Seen? Well even if you are not convinced, I remain willing. To try. If that means breaking a few. Hrn. Eggs.." he slashes the air again in a dismissive gesture and turns away as the dragon begins to speak at length. He mutters something about votes under his breath.
Inix'Inara: "But knowing of our coming, he was well prepared to face us. Knowing of the Wrath and Malice and even yes. . .Thirst for Justice that thundered around us as the Gods carried us fourth."
Inix'Inara: "He was prepared."
Inix'Inara: "But he turned away."
Inix'Inara: "His work unfinished, and now, undefended, he turned away, and retired to that place beyond death where only the Seven Dwell."
Inix'Inara: "And the The Gods and their charges descended onto this place, and built up three nations upon an impossible shore."
Serge: Serge listens intently. This is a perspective he hasn't heard before.
Arran: Little glowing glyphs are burning the Dragon's account into Arran's tome as Inix'Inara speaks. A dubious source, perhaps, but truth is best illuminated from all angles.
Inix'Inara: "Don't get me wrong, These were hardly saints- although if the Priest was honest with himself, he would admit that by far the worst of the Three, was the Righteous God of Justice, who almost extinguished all life on your world, before a Better Worhty of Pelor passed their impossible test and laid them low."
Serge: "...You're not wrong."
Inix'Inara: "Nor was my queen the worst, for the Prince of Lies, the Tyrant of Hell, went fourth into battle, forging even onto that world, battling against Bahamut until at last it was She who was left behind who Pinned His Forked Tounge, and vanquished him."
Krakken: "Hah. And that was the most righteous of their kind." he grunts, listening despite himself.
Arran: "Interesting. What twisted his purpose so? The heretical texts claim it was treachery, just like you- but what could change a divine essence so.. thoroughly?"
Edward: "Who was the one god who turned away?"
Arran: "Before he was Bhannoth he was Bahamut, Krakken. Something happened."
elfDM: There are many tales that sugest Kord half built a world and then went on strike. You've heard version fo that here, as well.
Crion is disconnected.
Serge: "I believe she is telling us what happened. The line between justice and vengeance is terribly thin."
Arran: "It is. That is why it is tempered always by other virtues, foremost of them being humility and temperance."
Crion has connected.
Edward: hrm, well that makes sense that this would be kordworld
Inix'Inara: "What happened was Pride. Bahamut was too proud to admit what must be done to preserve life. In his crusade he created machinations that bent his nature at impossible angles. He became Bhannoth and the three gods of this world became the Three- the Infernal Deities of yours."
Inix'Inara: "The Golden dragons who once served as his Envoys became the radiant spirits that Perched on the shoulders of Pelor's seven chosen. Another name he took."
Inix'Inara: "And of course, here on this world, for all his posturing, his nation, the Metalics proved every bit the opressors as we. . .in their own ways. The Hound is Tribute to that."
Arran: "What happened to his radiant servitors upon his death?"
Inix'Inara: "They were still here. I smell one of them near the city. . near the gate? Is it Borkadd? Do you even know the name of the one who sat upon your shoulder all those years? Or the other who joined them when Fair Giselle bequeathed her Pelor Borne power to you to challenge Devar?" (these are npc events from a hile back but i think brennon was there for them)
Edward: i also remember them
Arran: "I do not."
Inix'Inara: "All this twisted and turned and for what? The Metallics have no Veroon amongst their ranks."
Arran: "We know of the Metallics, we still hear filtered reports of the Bronze.. and some tales of Gold still, which is why I asked."
Inix'Inara: "They dwell here, and in the infernal lands, where this place is Truly Hell, and they live what lives they do because of US. Because of My breath, Her gift to Me."
Arran: "Why do you call it a gift?"
Arran: "It seems like a burden if anything."
Inix'Inara: "The Hound knows much of them. I'm sure he would disbuse you of any notions of their nobility."
Inix'Inara: "She is generous. Her whim, which you dismiss, is no different in Substance, to your Ethics."
Arran: "Morals."
Arran: "Not ethics."
Inix'Inara: "Morality in Practice is Ethics. And even the Hound and the Raptor must be pragmatic at times."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I am insanely pragmatic."
Inix'Inara: "Morality are the pretty words behind the actions. Her actions do not carry the right Mortal Timbre, but what are the results?"
Arran: "Pragmatism is not a sin, it is the seeking of concrete solutions- it is just a symptom of circumstance."
Arran: "But that is for a sermon, not here."
Inix'Inara: "You talk of righteouenss, she speaks of her whim. What are the results? The same."
Arran: "What are the results, that is a very good question. We see monstrosity, depravity, the hosting of demons and abberations here."
Inix'Inara: "No. No Demons."
Arran: "I saw the Slaad in the gambling parlour."
elfDM: the sladd aren't abyssalt
elfDM: they're chaotic elementals
Arran: well they are in the monster manual!!!!
elfDM: they're ver dangerous and powerful but they're not actually abyssal
elfDM: are they? are you sure?
elfDM: they should be in limbo, they're mainline CN
elfDM: might haveta check that later
elfDM: anywy they're no abyssla i elfgame
elfDM: shoudaread the lefgame MM
Arran: alright
Arran: then disregard the demon comment
Serge: "There is... some of this which agrees with what I have seen and heard myself."
Arran: "You're taking Tiamat's order here as the best one possible, I'd ask how you're so sure of that yourself?"
Inix'Inara: "The results are what matters. The metalics will talk endlessly of their Virtue and Process, but . . . .where are their Veroon? My father was quite fure they carried lesser races with them as they descended to the world, as did we. . "
Arran: "If I find one, I will ask them. Ever I seek the truth, for there can be no justice without it."
Serge: "Some of them were taken by the Sky Tyrants. So spoke Bhannoth."
Inix'Inara: ". . and yet now there are none. The Metalics don't need .. . fodder. Green plants, smaller creatures to devour. They and their Draconian Legions drink of elemental power- much as we do. With no Veroon, their crusades are that much more effective."
Serge: "But. The point, then, is that there is no 'away' for your kind to go to."
Krakken: brb
Serge: "Your home is gone, destroyed."
Edward: "So."
Arran: "A cruel lot, but not an excuse."
Edward: "This is all that is left."
Serge: "We are both enemies of the Sky Tyrants, but I am not certain we can be friends."
Inix'Inara: "I could return to that place. But you don't want me to. You've seen what becomes of what dwells there, Serge Marchand. You saw it deep beneath the Isles of the Dead."
Serge: "..True."
Inix'Inara: "When this place was left incomplete, it did indeed lack for life."
Inix'Inara: "Never did Melora come to this placs, to spread her green and blue cloak across it."
Inix'Inara: "Never even did Moradin, hammer out the continents into strong shields above the molten mantle, or forge bands of lightning to wrap around the sky and keep burning light from the heavens out."
Inix'Inara: "Instead this place was a wasteland. For elemental creatures, and supernal entities, not unliveable."
Arran: "So this is just a glorified rock drifting in the astral sea?"
Serge: "Kord's blood and bones."
Inix'Inara: "Not the Astra sea, no. And not Kord's Bones, no."
Inix'Inara: "But I digress."
Empty Nest Heaven: Braggartry.
Inix'Inara: "For those purely of flesh? This place was like a mountain of salt."
Serge: Serge's moment of poetry shot down. Alas.
Empty Nest Heaven: "Salt seasons the meal."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You've eaten well."
Edward: edward, a living avatar of salt
Arran: "The works of creation are not beyond the product of it. Did you or your tyrant Queen ever attempt to recreate what Melora and Moradin can do?"
Inix'Inara: "I can tell you any number of lies about why she did it. Or I can tell you the truth as she spoke it; that driven to deprivation she found the Idea of Scarcity offensive, and saw in the Veroon, a folly, a fancy, a trinket, a treasure, precious from its rarity and fragility, and worth preserving for that reason. Serge knows how tightly nobles can cling to their baubles even in hard times."
Arran: "A reason, as twisted as it is."
Empty Nest Heaven: "Hypocrisy."
Serge: "Hah. You have me there. They're loading the sculptures on the wagons out of Lark's Landing as we speak."
Inix'Inara: "She cannot do what they do. Nor could they, without a proper vessle! You do not understand me. When I speak of Bones and Blood. The kernel of life within must be treated with the upmost care. . and here it is simply absent. Scoured from this place before it began. . with good cause."
Crion is disconnected.
Inix'Inara: "But whatever her reason, behold the results: The Veroon live."
Crion has connected.
Inix'Inara: "But whatever her reason, behold the results: The Veroon live."
Arran: "They do, but the nobility of such an act was an accident, as you said."
Arran: "Which is why I question her order, why I "insult" her."
Inix'Inara: "Nobility is an ilusion. Words. Like the metalics. Oh if you could listen to them talk. You would be glad another thousand times over for the death of your God."
Arran: "My god is an idea, and it has never died."
Arran: "Devar realized such a truth, far beyond the understanding you bear of the flow of the divine."
Empty Nest Heaven: "My god is a promise, and it dies even now."
Serge: "They live, but... caged, deprived... like so many fighting dogs."
Arran: "But I understand you better now."
Inix'Inara: "Your god was a mad crusader. Perhaps the New Son has solved the paradox that broke their predecessor. . . or perhaps not. I suspect he is wathcing you even now, Righteous One."
Arran: "As always is the result of sharing perspectives."
Arran: "I should hope he is."
Inix'Inara: "The results are what matter. You create a web of words to raise up some actions and cast down others. But in truth, Power and Matter are all that matter."
Empty Nest Heaven: "But despite our differences, creature, I assure you we don't give a single damnation for all these tears about what the Metallics have gotten away with."
Arran: "We serve the same ideal, but his is the greater strength."
Arran: "The greater... conviction."
elfDM: (devar's godhood is actuall yin line with what rran is saying, since he rejected the perfect hirachy that drove bhannoth to impossible tasks)
Arran: "In a brute understanding yes, power is the final decider- but such destruction it does bring. Such misery.. such suffering."
Inix'Inara: "If such a grant convicion exists, then it must surely addres the lives of these creatures. There is no further miracle they can hope for. This is their miracle."
Inix'Inara: "And upon this blasted rock, no greater miracle can there be. I know the nature of this world. I breathe upon matter, and it becomes the thing of life. Creature so miniscule they- well they are to you what you are to me, but unlike you, they're rather imoportant- they are my subjects. Without them all life is stillborn."
Arran: "Well yes, what was originally a mission on other terms to the hells has shifted in many ways for myself at least. My actions speak for me here."
Inix'Inara: "Ruling them,Breathing them, has given me insight into the origins of this place. The Life the Gods embraced. . and the life they feared."
Arran: Arran laughs to himself. "Pride is so insidious, it demands its presence be known to provide any comfort..."
Serge: "And yet, Arran was able to bring them hope. A new idea. Kindness and ciarity, more than just plain survival-"
Inix'Inara: "It is not pride that places me where I am."
Arran: "I have done more for them than you ever have, Inix'Inara. I say this not as a measure of Pride, but one of progress."
Inix'Inara: "You think you have aided them? Why do you think geneosity is a sin in the eyes of the Godess."
Inix'Inara: "In this of all places?"
Arran: "Why do you accept that it is, because you live in a tortured land of your own making?"
Inix'Inara: "Consider. What do you say, when somebody gives you something? One of two things i'd warrant. But, speak. What would you say?"
Arran: "I'm not here for demonstrations, speak plainly."
Speaker: no town more barren than this town
Serge: "Thank you?"
Speaker: no haven safer than the one they tore down
Inix'Inara: "Likely you would say, 'I am grateful' or. . 'i am in your debt'."
Empty Nest Heaven: "No."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I say: What is the cost?"
Inix'Inara: "Exactly. For there is always a cost."
Inix'Inara: "And when one says they are grateful. . they are speaking of it."
Inix'Inara: "There is always a debt."
Arran: "Hmm, such a simplistic view..."
Inix'Inara: "For such creatures as you. For the Veroon. You are. . herd animals. . . pack animals at best."
Inix'Inara: "The godess Gives. But she knows that only a god can give. For any other creature, giving. . comes with strings attached."
Inix'Inara: "And the debt always comes due."
Empty Nest Heaven: "And you, who incessantly speak of your brethren, fretting and scheming, you are lions?"
Arran: "You're tricking yourself into wisdom with crass simplicities here, Inix'Inar."
Inix'Inara: "We are not lions. We are dragons."
Arran: "Debt in the way you speak of is not some metaphysical truth, it is.. an agreement at best."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You are fools."
Inix'Inara: "We are wise enough- not to give and play at generosity. For that is folly. We take. We posess."
Inix'Inara: "Consider this. A veroon gives another Veroon half their meal."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You cling, you covet, you bitch and you fall."
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Arran: "The Dragons are smart, Empty.. just.. clouded so thoroughly by Pride that it twists their own reason into knots to protect that pride. The dark void that dwells in their heart and consumes."
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Inix'Inara: "A week later, the first is starving. What does the second do?"
Inix'Inara: "What do they do?"
Arran: "It is why we often consider Pride the foremost of all sins. Look at what it can do even to some of the most cunning and powerful creatures."
Empty Nest Heaven: "What have you compelled him to do?"
Serge: "He can either repay, or he won't."
Arran: "Yes, the right question.
Inix'Inara: "And if he does not? What does the First do? Seek Justice?"
Serge: "But you have removed that. He can only do one thing."
Inix'Inara: "Die quietly?"
Inix'Inara: "What is done when the debt cannot be repaid?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "What are his incentives?"
Arran: "Well, what do you do? Hoard? Kill? Maim? Brutalize?"
Serge: "Among we... herd animals, not every exchange incurs a debt. When it is freely asked and given. Bonds of coin and contract are not the only bonds we acknowledge."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You speak of problems as if you read about them in a book."
Inix'Inara: "No. That is what mortals do, when caught in chains of debt and obligation."
Inix'Inara: "They steal, they murder, they wage war."
Arran: "We're not herd animals, Serge. Do not debase yourself so."
Serge: "I speak only in the most ironic sense, Arran."
Inix'Inara: "You are Wrong, Serge. Your entire class is based on the obligations of others."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You, in this profligate chamber, presume to talk frankly of the wages of debt."
Inix'Inara: "Here is what I have done. I have compelled him to eat his own rations. And in doing to, we cut off that chin of tragedy before it begins."
Inix'Inara: "We free them of the impossible burden of supporting their brother in a Famine."
Arran: "You have deprived them of the ability to grow, something I have given them."
Inix'Inara: "Grow? They reporoduce. Some of them even reach as old as twenty."
Serge: :Because there is no famine. But also no bounty. Never enough."
Arran: "In pursuit of destroying all hardship you have destroyed their spirit, in seeking to protect your order and your pride you have hurt them."
Arran: "That is evil."
Inix'Inara: "Our order? Or their food source? You're the ones who want me to leave."
Serge: "I think I must revise my initial assumptions."
Empty Nest Heaven: "What did you compell the starving creature to do?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "You compelled the one with gratitude to only eat what he was given."
Arran: "I want you to examine yourself, and to banish the Pride that so clouds your heart. You're afraid to admit anything you've done could ever be wrong because you yourselves were wronged by the cosmic order."
VoidTek: "I want. You to die. I will accept exile." he interjects, just to show that he's still there.
Arran: "That is what I want."
Serge: "You… are not providing the people here with life. You are merely stretching out their death to eternity."
Krakken: sort of
Empty Nest Heaven: "How did you condemn the dead?"
Serge: "I don't think we can make a deal here. Not now."
Arran: "I want you to try something different. To walk the path of redemption. I rarely make this offer."
Edward: "I would recommend you accept this opportunity, Inix'Inara."
Inix'Inara: "I wish the priestess was here. She understands the cycle better, I think."
Arran: "She understands it as much as I do."
Inix'Inara: "Are all these words and trappings truly so important to you? Enough for these people to starve?"
Arran: "The words are not important, and I know you know that. It is the ideas, the deeds, and the better future that can exist for them."
Empty Nest Heaven: "Can you imagine them eating without you?"
Arran: "-can you imagine that without feeling hurt? Without feeling usurped?"
Serge: "They already starve. They know they need more than what your kind has provided them with. Or was the attack on your cowardly brother's halls also part of the plan?"
Empty Nest Heaven: There is a satisfaction to asking the questions, even when they don't get answers.
Arran: brb rq
Serge: "If there is another way to provide for them, we will find it."
Inix'Inara: "I never claimed the system was perfect. I am not my brother's keeper. He is fled from his place. But if you banish me likewise, you shall lose, the only chance you have of feeding these wreched creatures, unless you cripple yourselves in the attempt. Remember why you came here. A war in on your doorstep!"
Inix'Inara: "What does it cost you to leave me to my work? Are words so important to you, compared to deeds?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "I love deeds."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I haven't seen you do one yet."
Empty Nest Heaven: "But you do have words."
Serge: "If the words weren't important to us, we would just roll over and let the Realm wash over us like the tide."
Arran: back
Inix'Inara: "Every living creature not of Elemental or Supernal nature, living in this city, is my legacy."
Empty Nest Heaven: "Then so is every dead."
Inix'Inara: "That is what I have done. You cannot say the same."
Inix'Inara: "No, I did not bring us to this place. I did not create the cosmos as it is."
Serge: "They're your baubles. Just as they are your Queen's."
Arran: "We cannot leave you to your work. If we could we would not have come here."
Inix'Inara: "So you would prefer for the Veroon to starve."
Arran: "Are you considering my offer?"
Empty Nest Heaven: "Perhaps you should adjust your thinking to account for the possibility that we do not care about the Veroon."
Arran: "My goal is not their starvation, but you threaten us with it. Turn from evil, and the solution to all this will become very apparent."
Empty Nest Heaven: "I do not."
Serge: "I care. But… better that than to live in bondage for all time. But I reject that those are our only options."
Inix'Inara: "Talk is cheap, Priest. But your demands of fealty are still to expensive for me. I shall not grovel to the Young God. And if he approves of the famine you flirt with then he is no better than the one who came before him."
Krakken: "Hrn. They will find a way. And it will not involve you." he spreads out his hands, holding them palms upward. "As I see it. One way or the other. Your time here is. Over. The only choice is how."
Inix'Inara: "Who spoke of Bondage? The city if yours."
Arran: "Fealty? If I have made them as such, then I have miscommunicated my goals."
Empty Nest Heaven: "What if we made a deal."
Empty Nest Heaven: "Here are the contents of the deal."
Arran: "I am hesitant to burden Devar with the concerns I should bear upon my own, but perhaps I will consult him on your fate."
Serge: "The city isn't ours if you control the matter. If you hold the literal power of life and death-"
Empty Nest Heaven: "You remain in power. You remain able to do what you wish, when you wish, as you wish, how you wish. We do not constrain you in anyway. You support us as we are able."
Empty Nest Heaven: "But."
Empty Nest Heaven: "Should we ever come back here -- should we ever have to talk like this again --"
Edward: Edward's nodding with this.
Empty Nest Heaven: "Our next conversation will not be a conversation."
Krakken: Krakken bristles at the suggestion, breathing slow and deep.
Inix'Inara: "I'm all for fewer words. But the Hound dissents."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You're a functionary and your cooperation is preferable, not necessary."
Edward: "He can live with that, as I have when I have been over-ruled."
Arran: Arran spends a moment in contemplation. "He is not the only. Your death would be a tragedy for the suffering it would cause, but to allow such evil to fester here only invites disaster.. I will admit, you have me at a loss in some ways Inix'Inara."
Serge: "I have nothing more to say."
Inix'Inara: "Can he live with it? Vengeance forestalled? What if I offered him. . compensation?"
Empty Nest Heaven: Then he would be a fool to accept the gift of a dragon, Empty doesn't say.
Empty Nest Heaven: He is sympathetic with Krakken's wants to a fault. He would prefer to kill this thing.
Empty Nest Heaven: But that does not seem to be the mood of the room, nor does it seem to be, philosophically, the wisest course.
Inix'Inara: "Every gift has a price, as we have said. I do not deny there is a treachery in what I would offer but- it is a betrayal he has already embraced. Destruction is what I offer, and greater shall be his burden as a result."
Krakken: "Even if it were to." he rumbles, giving Empty a wary eye. "Agree with your offer. I could not. No, it knows that much." he sneers as he turns back to the dragon "And it should also know what I think of it's offers."
Inix'Inara: "Are you sure? It would help you kill dragons. . ."
Empty Nest Heaven: "If you wish to give Krakken a gift, dragon, you would cut out your tongue, and let the creatures of this city talk in your silence."
Empty Nest Heaven: "But you don't wish to give him a gift."
Empty Nest Heaven: "You wish to make him a loan."
Inix'Inara: "You would prefer the Devil speak?"
Arran: "I had not realized how deep the thirst of vengeance had burrowed into the hearts of those I am traveling with. This has been enlightening in more ways than one."
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Empty Nest Heaven: not me, i can be a smug contrarian dipshit forever
Krakken: "I have already been given. All the help your kind are capable of. Offering." he thumps his chest again.
Arran: "Perhaps it is I who should have been offering you help."
Inix'Inara: "I do nto deny this as I have said. . but the cost is one he has already proven willing ot pay. And no, Krakken, you can be helped more. . in that very way. ."
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Krakken: "Hah. Cleric, I have never tried to hide what is in my. Heart. That is my truth."
Inix'Inara: "Most of our Kind posess what is known by your people, as the Draconus Fundmentum."
Inix'Inara: "The Draconians, a lesser version. The Draconus Minimum."
Inix'Inara: "What the Krakken posesses, is best described as Draconus Internecinum."
Arran: "It is a weak and destructive one, there will be no satisfaction found on your path."
Inix'Inara: "Destructive Yes, Weak, no. But indeed, destruction may not be his only path."
Edward: Edward, having no ground to stand on whatsoever in judging the Draconian, remains silent.
Inix'Inara: "He wants to destroy dragons. You want to save the Veroon."
Inix'Inara: "I know the powr of our people. And we share the Corrosive Aspect. I could teach you, Krakken. Do better destroy or. . .to do what I do in this place."
Inix'Inara: "I know the powr of our people. And we share the Corrosive Aspect. I could teach you, Krakken. To better destroy or. . .to do what I do in this place."
Inix'Inara: "The Breath of Life."
Arran: "I want to save who and what I can, and to pursue the ideal which I follow."
Inix'Inara: "You resent me, as I am indispensable. I think we all know that I shall accept the Raptors offer, and dwell here as long as I am able."
Inix'Inara: "But."
Inix'Inara: "Should the krakken accept my offer. . "
Inix'Inara: "He can one day replace me."
Inix'Inara: "Or simply. . devour himself and his foes at even more alarming pace."
Inix'Inara: "The choice would be his. . should he accept my tutelage."
Arran: "What game are you playing here?"
elfDM: (we could cliffhanger here or krkken could make the call here? might be good to wait)
Serge: this seems like a good cliffhang to me
Inix'Inara: "No game. I am a dragon of the Deathbringer breath. But I also bring life."
Edward: yeah cliffhangers good
Inix'Inara: "The krakken despises me. . but if he agrees to learn from me. . "
Inix'Inara: "He can then bring death to this foes. . and life to this place in my place!"
Inix'Inara: "So what say you, Hound?"
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Krakken: "Yes." he looks Arran in the eye, but doesn't hold the stare for long before looking away."I know." he says, in that dead serious way that he has. He turns back to the dragon, baring his teeth once more. And answers.............................
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Krakken: Chaotic Neutral b*tch
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Arran: TFW you're in hell and are working with monsters but the templars are just right over there ---> in theory
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